Zoë Kravitz kicked out of The Dark Knight Rises cast for her ‘too urban’ skin color

While currently triumphing in The Batmanthe thirty-three-year-old actress denounces the fate “to actresses of color” in the film industry. As proof, she wants to audition for Christopher Nolan’s film, released in 2012, for which she was not selected.

While Zoë Kravitz currently embodies Catwoman for the film The Batman by Matt Reaves, she made a revelation about an audition she went to for the hit thriller The Dark Night Rises , directed by Christopher Nolan in 2012. According to her, the role escaped her because of her skin color, the production judging the actress “too urban” to interpret the character of Selina Kyle, ultimately assigned to actress Anne Hathaway.

“I don’t know if it came directly from Christopher Nolan”says the 33-year-old actress to The Guardian , careful not to tarnish the reputation of the director. “I think it was probably some casting director or an assistant”she continued, expressing her pain. “Hearing that I couldn’t play this role because of my skin color was very difficult. The word “urban” was thrown like that. It was very violent”confided the former actress of the series Big Little Lies, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée with Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Meryl Streep. During this shoot, moreover, the actress found her role particularly “complex” to play, since according to her, he “was written for a white person”.

This speech in the columns of the Guardian earned him a lot of feedback on social networks. To the point that she wanted to clarify her thoughts. “I didn’t tell this story in order to point the finger at anyone or to call Chris Nolan or the producer of the film or any member of the film crew racist, because I’m sure no one wanted to do wrong. I just wanted to give an example of what it’s like to be an actress of color in this industry these days.”she wrote.

Although the actress appears confident on screen, she has never been truly “comfortable with his origins”especially during adolescence. “I felt really uncomfortable with my hair. Straightened them, put chemicals in them, tweezed my eyebrows“says the one who grew up between Los Angeles and Miami. “My parents never warned me. They were more focused on making sure that, despite my skin color, I could play, dress up and do whatever I wanted.”she explained about her parents, actress Lisa Bonet and musician Lenny Kravitz, who for her “Breaked boundaries in many ways”. Then she adds: “It took me a long time to not only accept my black skin, but also to love it and be proud of it.”

This year, the actress decided for the first time to go behind the camera. Accompanied by director ET Feigenbaum, for whom she starred in the series High Fidelity (2020), she is currently working on her feature film pussy islandinspired by business around MeToo. “I love writing and editing, but acting often stresses me out because I feel like I’m there to serve the director”, she explains. Before concluding : “Behind the camera, I can do anything.”


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