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Yvan Monka, the YouTuber teacher who makes people love math

“Hello, in this video, I suggest you review the whole course on the Pythagorean theorem …” In front of a white board, Yvan Monka appears, half-smile, black-rimmed glasses. Then the math class begins, clear and precise. And the students plebiscite this seriousness.

Since confinement, in fact, the YouTube channel “M @ ths-et-tiques” has been followed by 1.4 million students of all ages and its creator has become a mascot, regularly promoted. “Ideal father” Where “Favorite teacher” on social networks. The interested party admits his pride “To have been able to contribute to better acceptance of a difficult subject”.

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It must be said that, for many, Yvan Monka’s online courses have acted as a lifeline, at the time of the closure of schools and distance learning. “Some believe that I helped them to get the patent or the bac or to understand something about equations with two unknowns”,concedes this modest man, high school teacher in Strasbourg, married and father of two daughters aged 19 and 24, “One of which is a math teacher”.

Recipes, basically, very classic

He defends himself well to be a staunch defender of the Web. Yvan Monka explains his success with recipes that are basically very classic: “To be a good teacher, you have to love children and the subject you teach, I love math! ” However, this outstanding educator was able to sense the educational potential of video very quickly during workshops organized by the Academy of Strasbourg. “It allows you to pause, to go back when you haven’t understood. In short, to study at your own pace, he explains. Children watch my videos when they are quiet in their room. They are, therefore, more receptive. “

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Since then, Yvan Monka has offered courses for all levels and all sections. His life is changed: “Thanks to advertising, for the first time in my life, I can donate money to charities”, he confides. He also has to deal with his sudden fame. “My colleagues put me up and some young people stop me in the street to ask for a photo. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing a role that is not mine. “

“My videos only come as a supplement”

Yvan Monka prefers to bring some sanity to this craze. “My role is never more than that of the teacher in his class. The traditional course, the one where you can ask questions, remains the only real one. My videos only come as a supplement “,he insists, alarmed at the will of “Make modern” at all costs.

“Some teachers are now content to refer to online courses. However, nothing beats the exchange with the student, in class, insists Yvan Monka. Young people, who already spend hours on screens, must be able to talk to adults in real life! “


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