YouTube quickly fixed the downtime error

This morning, many users across the globe discovered that the YouTube platform encountered an error that could not play the video, the problem was only fixed about an hour later.

The issue also appears to affect other services using the YouTube infrastructure, including YouTube TV and movies and TV shows that users buy via Google TV.

Initially, users can still access YouTube, but the videos will constantly hang or the error message cannot be displayed.

“Our team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. We will notify everyone of any updates shortly,” announced YouTube’s Twitter account.

According to the DownDetector page, the YouTube issue occurred from 6:53 am this morning (Vietnam time), within less than an hour, up to 280,000 users reported the error. Many users on Twitter have reported that YouTube is also inactive and the keyword “YouTube is not working” has spiked.

Currently, the YouTube platform is back to normal, but some users still discover small errors when using. For example, the commenting error on the video, or the YouTube TV app on the phone hangs, but just log out and re-enter the app and the errors will disappear.

According to the Right now, Verge

YouTube global error

YouTube global error

On the morning of November 12, many users reported they could not watch videos on YouTube.


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