YouTube blocks the account of US President Donald Trump

Alphabet Inc’s YouTube video sharing service has followed the wave of “turning away” from US President Donald Trump of online platforms.

In a January 13 (Vietnam time) noon announcement, YouTube said it had removed new content posted on President Trump’s channel on the grounds that it violated policies on inciting violence.

YouTube blocks the account of the US President

YouTube states that President Trump’s channel is currently prohibited from posting new videos or live streamed for at least 7 days, and this ban is likely to be extended.

Earlier, an activist group called on YouTube to join other social media platforms to “turn away” from President Trump, if he did not want to face an ad boycott called #StopHateForProfit (Stop making profits from hostility).

According to the group of activities above, the service site directly owned by Google (a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc) needs to remove President Trump’s channel on the platform, because this is the tool for Mr. Trump ” continues to spread false information “about the validity of the 2020 US presidential election with the victory of the Democratic candidate – former Vice President Joe Biden.

Mr. Jim Steyer – CEO of media company Common Sense Media, and a member of the #StopHateForProfit campaign organizers – stated: “If YouTube does not agree with us on this and Not with other platforms that hinder Mr. Trump’s activities, we will resort to advertisers. “

A month ago, President Trump’s YouTube channel published a video that was suspicious of the voting process and attracted about 5.8 million views. Mr. Trump’s YouTube channel is a free channel, with more than 2.77 million subscribers.

Before YouTube made that decision, last week, Facebook also temporarily blocked President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram app after a riot launched by his supporters. U.S. Congress.

Twitter became even more aggressive in deleting President Trump’s account, making him unable to continue using his favorite messenger. In addition, President Trump was also suspended from using other social networks such as Snapchat and Twitch.

According to the Bnews

President Trump: Big Tech is dividing America

President Trump: Big Tech is dividing America

US President Donald Trump blamed major tech firms for dividing the country, days after Twitter and Facebook permanently banned him on their platforms for the Capitol Hill riots.


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