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After nearly 2 years of taking weight loss pills, Mr. An was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to be urgently hospitalized for dialysis.

Patient Nguyen Hong An (Bac Ninh), hospitalized in a state of fatigue and exhaustion, was diagnosed with acute kidney failure with heart failure and obesity. According to the patient, 2 years ago he was only 1m50 tall but weighed more than 75kg. Listening to friends, Mr. An bought weight loss pills online to drink, 2 years he lost 2 kg but his body was always in a state of fatigue, shortness of breath, rapid physical loss when working hard.

“Recently when I went to the doctor, I was found to have heart failure and kidney failure. The doctor told me to urgently go to the hospital for dialysis. Now I am confused, very depressed, unfinished work, and my health has declined. I don’t know if my condition Can the situation improve?” Mr. An said.

According to MSc. Ha Tuan Hung, Deputy Department of General Internal Medicine, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi, with a height of 1m50 and a weight of 75kg, as in the case of a large BMI patient, overweight. In this case, the doctor recommends not to panic. Currently, there are many new methods that can help people with chronic kidney failure prolong life and improve quality of life for patients. After correcting episodes of acute renal failure, the patient will be given appropriate measures to treat chronic kidney disease, control blood pressure and heart function.

Doctor Tuan Hung added that the patient’s kidney failure occurred due to the use of weight loss drugs of unknown origin. Consequences of complications of renal failure often co-occur with heart failure during acute exacerbations.

Should lose weight by scientific methods, because weight loss drugs can make kidney failure progress quickly. Image: Shuttestock

Currently on the market there are many weight loss products with rampant advertising, floating of unknown origin. The mechanism of weight loss pills is to make diuretics, cause dehydration, lose weight quickly, and hit the “quick weight loss” mentality of many people.

In addition, weight loss products make users feel full for longer to eat fewer calories. If used regularly, drug abuse can easily lead to malnutrition, loss of appetite, and emaciation. Although this weight loss drug can enhance fat breakdown, increase fat burning to help burn more calories, it also has many accompanying side effects such as palpitations, a feeling of nervousness, and dizziness. face, insomnia, endocrine disorders…

“Notably, weight loss drugs cause kidney failure to progress quickly, people using the drug often urinate more than usual, lose about 10% of their weight in only 1-2 weeks and fall into a state of multi-organ failure. such as acute kidney failure, acute liver failure, body fatigue, whole body edema,” said Dr.

Doctor Ha Tuan Hung recommends that people who want to lose weight should apply scientific methods to both achieve their weight loss goals and ensure their health. In particular, weight loss by changing diet and exercise is recommended. Do not arbitrarily buy and use rapid weight loss products, floating on the market.

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