You should immediately disable this feature on Android phones

This is the right thing to do to protect personal data.

Security experts all say that Android users need to turn something off to protect personal data their permissions allow location access.

“When you grant your apps location access with the ‘always allow’ option, they’ll track your location even when it’s not turned on,” says Mika Jukapelto, CEO and founder of LaptopUnboxed. .

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User data can easily be silently collected. Photo: New Straits Times.

“Since the app can scan the user’s location continuously, it can collect data about their schedule or, more importantly, their personal information.”

The user’s name is not included in the collected data, but with just the right amount of information the bad guy can determine who you are. “The important thing here is that this information can be sold to third parties without the user’s knowledge,” Jukapelto added. “With the amount of information updated every day, publishers can sell. for anyone, make a profit. ”

To turn off this feature, the user enters Settings> Connections or Privacy> Location and click off, at this time no apps can access their location information.

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User can turn off location permissions of untrusted applications. Photo: Lifewire.

In some cases you still want some apps to be able to access your location, so you can individually customize access for them. Some common access options are “Always allow”, “Deny” or “Allow only while application is on”.

When you use map applications such as Google Maps, you can set access to “Authorize only while app is on” so that the app can function as needed and will not receive your location information. when they are turned off.

Turning off location setting is always a simple and effective way to protect personal information and save battery power of users’ phones.

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