Yoga class in the elderly hospital

Turning, twisting, he reviewed the warm-up movements learned in the previous session. This 68-year-old patient is being treated for insomnia in the Department of Neurology. This is the 7th time he has been hospitalized due to prolonged insomnia, lack of appetite. Just seeing the teacher, he asked: “What homework did the teacher give us today?”.

Recognizing a familiar face, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Trinh, a yoga class teacher, smiled and replied: “Sir, today’s exercise is to learn how to move the joints to make the body more flexible.”

Having said that, she and another teacher split up to help the students warm up. Classes are held for free at 15:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Most of the trainees are elderly people with diseases such as insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, … There are also family members or some people who love yoga to attend. The number of members is not fixed, from 20 to 25 people per session.

Pham Thi Thu Hong, 53 years old, first came to class, so she was quite timid, sitting at the end of the class. She said that the prolonged insomnia caused her to constantly take medicine. Many nights stay white, her body is weaker and weaker, eyes are dark circles, skin is dull due to poor appetite, negative thoughts appear more every day.

After being admitted to the hospital, she noticed that the hospital announced that there was a free yoga class but hesitated. “But staying in the hospital bed is boring, I was encouraged by the doctor, so I went to see if it was suitable,” said Hong.

According to Trinh, the elderly are a special object due to their old age, weaker and softer bones. In addition, each practitioner had a different medical condition and condition. Therefore, teachers mainly guide movements in the sitting position to help influence the spine, joint movement, heat the body and are good for the neck and neck.

The biggest common point of the students is that they all like to be stretched and massaged by the teacher. Therefore, many practitioners stayed behind to receive more care after the training session.

Seeing the elderly relax during the practice session and interested in the next one, Trinh and the other teachers have more motivation. All participate in free teaching, with the desire to help and bring better spiritual lives for the elderly.

Master Phan Viet Sinh, Deputy Director of the Central Hospital of Geriatrics, said that in support activities for elderly patients, yoga is considered to be a suitable exercise method. The immediate benefit is good blood circulation for the respiratory tract and psychological relief, contributing 30-50% to the effectiveness of treatment for patients.

The yoga class has just been in operation for a month but will be maintained regularly for the elderly to exercise health.

In addition, the hospital also expands a poetry and music club to build healthy living habits and reduce the risks of disease for the elderly.

Classes start at three o’clock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with about 20 students attending. Image: Thuy An


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