Year-end meal by chemotherapy tube for cancer

HCMCMore than 100 patients from Gynecological Oncology Department, Tu Du Hospital, on December 31st, carrying a pile of chemical infusion bottles in hand, had a year-end meal served by doctors and doctors.

Ms. Hong Thuy, 50 years old, suffers from ovarian cancer and dozens of other patients are assisted by the medical doctor to move the plant hanging from the chemotherapy potion to the dining table row along the hallway. Many women are distributing chemicals, bringing wires with them to eat.

“Although we are infusing drugs, we all want to go to the table to gather together to eat,” Thuy said. Nearly two years ago, she recovered from the disease after surgery, giving 8 prescriptions. In October this year, the illness recurred, she had a mental breakdown, thinking she would die.

In the hospital, doctors encouraged and analyzed the disease, she was confident again. Eating together, chatting with sisters in the same situation, helping her to help her get sad, have more faith in overcoming the “death sentence”.

“Only when we get sick, we can see the spiritual encouragement from everyone, the intimate sharing of the medical doctor is very valuable”, Ms. Thuy said.

Many women are still transferring chemicals, bringing hanging plants and bottles to eat. Image: Le Phuong.

The head technician of anesthesia department Ngo Duc Toan said that in the past, hospital staff often organized to sell food in charity stalls, raise funds to help poor patients and poor children. Free meal vouchers are given to the patients in the Gynecological Oncology Department.

“When seeing women wearing patient clothes, someone bringing medicine bottles to join in the fun, doctors and doctors thought of organizing meals directly at the department so that they could not move so hard,” said Toan. to speak. Over the past year, the department has mobilized funds from employees and their relatives to organize a few meals a month.

According to technician Toan, these are just normal meals, but mainly the feelings and hearts of the doctors to the patients, helping them to add joy and share to fight diseases. Cancer patients with good spirit and optimism, the rate of recovery and cure is higher than pessimistic and weak people.

Doctor Le Ngoc Diep, Head of Social Work Department, Tu Du Hospital, said that doctors and doctors from many departments and rooms regularly donate, mobilize the cost of organizing lunches for cancer patients. In addition to stir-fried pasta dishes with beef and green tea cooked in the hospital kitchen, the year-end meal has a colorful cake.

On this occasion, the doctors also sent the patients hats, used to cover the lost hair due to the side effects of chemotherapy, keep the head warm, make scarves … maintained over the past year, helping patients to be more confident, better able to wear them out when they go out, increase their spirits and be optimistic.

Doctor Hong Cong Danh, Deputy Director, Tu Du Hospital, also came to celebrate with the patients on the last day of the year. “Hope that intimate meals can contribute to motivating women, understanding that the hospital is always supportive and caring for the patient”, said Dr. Danh and hoping that women persevere in pursuing the right principles. to treat, quickly recover.

Le Phuong