“Yalda, the night of forgiveness”, “The dreamed child”, “Relic”… The films to see (or not) this week

♥♥♥ Yalda, the night of forgiveness

Iranian drama, by Massoud Bakhshi, with Sadaf Asgari, Behnaz Jafari, Babak Karimi (1h29).

Trailer “Yalda, the night of forgiveness”

It is the night of Yalda, celebrated for thousands of years in Persia. A young woman arrives, handcuffed, at Tehran’s Milad Tower, where Iranian television is located. In front of the cameras, Maryam is going to play her life, during a reality TV show, a sort of hallucinating “double or nothing”. She accidentally killed her elderly husband and has been detained for fifteen months. During the public debate, she must implore and obtain forgiveness from Mona (Behnaz Jafari), the daughter of the disappeared, otherwise she will be executed.

The director, Massoud Bakhshi, constructs a powerful drama, inspired by real events. The prosecutor will change the sentence if viewers vote for forgiveness, and the fine – the famous “blood price” – will be paid by the show’s sponsors. In purple velvet armchairs, two women in black, Maryam and Mona, clash, in a fight whose sole purpose is to attract audiences. On the set are the students of “The Institute for the Application of Morals”, strange institution that plagues the Koranic Dalloz.In Iran, a reality TV to decide whether or not the hanging of a young woman

The law of retaliation against ratings, the price of a head against the cost of ads. Here, hard wars are played out: class struggle (Maryam is poor), religious beliefs, hidden secrets… The apparent banality of this story and the acceptance of this form of justice, which is akin to lynching, are shocking. Can forgiveness, child of charity, be cashed in, under the watchful eye of God as an accomplice? “Yalda” is the song of the humbled.

Francois Forestier

♥♥ The dream child

French drama, by Raphaël Jacoulot, with Jalil Lespert, Louise Bourgoin, Mélanie Doutey (1h47).

Trailer “The Dreamed Child”

A village in the Jura. François (Jalil Lespert) and his wife, Noémie (Mélanie Doutey), try in vain to have a child. While Noémie launches an adoption procedure, François falls in love with Patricia (Louise Bourgoin), who has just settled in the area with her husband and her two daughters, and gets her pregnant. Keeping this child so much hoped for or mourning it, abandoning everything with Patricia or building even more with Noémie? A Cornelian dilemma whose weight Raphaël Jacoulot reflects well by adopting the point of view of François, on whom the noose tightens as the belly of his mistress grows and the success of his wife at the head of the family sawmill. Alas, everything collapses in the last act, whose tragic turn does not take, with female characters underwritten. It is all the more regrettable that Mélanie Doutey is formidable.

Nicolas schaller

♥♥ Relic

Australian horror film, by Natalie Erika James, with Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin, Bella Heathcote (1h29).

“Relic” trailer

At first glance, it’s a horror movie paradigm. A house that cracks everywhere, a missing grandmother who is looking for her daughter and her granddaughter, and who returns, demonic, doors slamming… In short, deja vu. Except that horror made in Australia always has something more sticky and ambiguous than its American cousin. Here, everything is played out in a perverse gynaeceum, with many unresolved conflicts, full of resentment and neurosis. The psychoanalytic subtext is creepier than the film itself.

Xavier Leherpeur

♥♥ Sister

Bulgarian drama, by Svetla Tsotsorkova, with Monika Naydenova, Sveltlana Yancheva, Elena Zamyarkova (1h37).

“Sister” trailer

Rayna, a teenager, spends her days with her mother in a terracotta figurine shop. To escape boredom, she makes up stories and claims to have an affair with Miro, a mechanic who is her big sister’s lover. This lie will provoke dramatic chain reactions… What makes the interest of this dark film, it is the glance of the scenario writer on a medium of beggars resulting from the debacle of communism. No future, but incredibly alive characters, in particular Rayna, sympathetic rebellion. There is an energy there which gives this small mown film an air of cinema-verite, a modern echo of the outbursts of the New Wave.

F. F.

Parents of students

French comedy, by Noémie Saglio, with Vincent Dedienne, Camélia Jordana, Oscar Pauleau (1h29).

“Parents of pupils” trailer

The babysitter falls in love with the schoolmistress, the parents are all weird, the kids are nice, and the school year is spent in misunderstandings and missed opportunities. Everything is expected, long. Vincent Dedienne does his best to seduce Camélia Jordana, and we undergo a series of shots in the tone of a boulevard room. Noémie Saglio, the director, does her best to keep things light. The ace ! This better is not enough.

F. F.

♥♥ We Are Soldiers

French documentary, by Svitlana Smirnova, with Dmytro Trompac, Anatolii Fateev, Oleksii Sokolovsky (1h01).

Three Ukrainian soldiers fought against the Russians and the separatists. They left their physical integrity, their patriotic illusions and their comrades under the bullets on the battlefield. Amputees, crushed forever, even if silence and sometimes denial prevail over recriminations, they now live in a military hospital. By filming them in their rehabilitation and their loneliness, the filmmaker captures their distress and, in the background, the way in which Ukraine has used their martyrdom before putting them aside. A sober and poignant tribute to men sacrificed by a little grateful country.

X. L.

♥♥♥ Chien Pourri, life in Paris!

Franco-Belgian animated film, by Davy Durand, Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier (1h00).

Trailer “Rotten Dog, Life in Paris!”

As the name suggests, Chien Pourri comes from the streets and smells particularly bad. On the Parisian asphalt, our stinky ball becomes friends with Chaplapla, a flat cat, and arouses the jealous curiosity of two other dogs, beasts like their paws, convinced that our hero has superpowers. Second degree, full blast and tense humor, between Jacques Tati and Tex Avery: this big-screen version of a staple of children’s literature hits the mark. An epic carried by cartoony animation and the art of burlesque nonsense.

X. L.

It missed

My grandfather and me

American comedy, by Tim Hill, with Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken (1h38).

My Grandpa and Me Trailer

This is not a movie, it is a pension point laundering operation. The only explanation for the presence of Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken in this thing barely worthy of a Sunday afternoon on the Gulli channel. The “Raging Bull” actor, whose best role in twenty years has been to insult Trump on TV, plays a grandpa at war with his grandson since he moved into his room. He finds, for a few scenes, his partner from “Voyage au bout de l’Enfer”. Highlight of the show, forty-two years after the Russian roulette sequence: a game of ball in the prisoner against a group of prepubescent kids. Journey to the end of the hell of the turnips that the indebted stars pretext to turn to please their grandchildren.

N. S.

It comes out

♥♥♥ Malignant

American drama, by John Huston, with Brad Dourif, Dan Shor, Harry Dean Stanton (1979, 1h41).

Trailer “the Evil One”

The whole world of Flannery O’Connor is there: the bigotry of the Deep South, the madness of those wretches who have the gun in one hand and the Bible in the other. John Huston adapts the novel with fascinating mastery, and we follow with passion the adventures of Hazel Motes, a young pastor who invents the “Church of Truth without Christ” and walks with a mummified body in the town of Macon, Georgia. , epicenter of “evangelical” cults. Brad Dourif, revealed by his role in “Flight over a cuckoo’s nest”, is extraordinary. This saga of madness has the quality of a sumptuous recurring nightmare.

F. F.

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