XOR luxury phone launches limited gold edition for Lunar New Year

The special edition for the Lunar New Year of the luxury phone XOR from the UK impresses right from the sophisticated tiger box with the trendy XOR Prime Gold and XOR Elite Gold versions.

Elegant, sophisticated, outstanding

Those are the design standards that Hutch Hutchison – the man behind the Vertu legend – has drawn on after 30 years of experience and applied when creating the XOR phone line. With a distinctive design based on the principle of “ergonomics”, soft curves depict the natural flow of movement, turning the phone into a delicate work of art that captivates the owner. don’t leave your hand.

The appeal of the XOR brand also comes from limited editions with surprising highlights for customers. During the 2022 Lunar New Year, XOR introduces a new aspect of a luxury phone for the first time when it is dressed in rare high-quality materials, bringing luxury beauty but no less charm.

With the principle of ensuring the best quality, all materials that make up XOR are selected from leading suppliers from the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland, ensuring sophisticated and trendy quality. For the limited gold versions, XOR researched and developed with a partner in Switzerland, a renowned gold and jewelry supplier specializing in the world’s top luxury watch brands and dials. technology products, bringing the ultimate visual experience with the delicate combination of two powerful colors black – gold, highlighting the perfectly attractive design of the phone.

The premium gold material on the special XOR edition is crafted to high precision with outstanding quality. Different from the traditional gold color, Rose gold is a material that causes storms in the fashion jewelry market because of its unique color and shiny beauty that cannot be outdated. Not only that, the trendy Rose Gold color also symbolizes the luck and prosperity that the XOR brand wants to send to customers. This special color is a new step for the brand with the desire to become the optimal choice for those who are knowledgeable, passionate about modern technology and fashion.

XOR luxury phone launches limited gold edition for Lunar New Year

High-quality crocodile skin material is strictly selected from the top leather with sophisticated manufacturing know-how of suppliers for big brands (such as Hermes) in France. on the softness and flexibility of each delicate curve. Combined with the powerful yellow color, the black color from the rare crocodile skin seems to be the opposite but brings complete luxury, showing a different level for XOR owners.

Two classy, ​​attractive versions

With the desire to bring luck and prosperity to users, the two versions of XOR during Tet 2022 possess their own attractive forms and features, symbolizing unique and luxurious personalities.

Prime Gold is the version that symbolizes elegant style with extremely sophisticated gold details. On a mysterious black background made of crocodile skin, the XOR logo with rose gold color appears boldly, captivating users at first sight. The front buttons along with the screws and buttons along the body are dotted with high-class gold, creating a sophisticated and trendy beauty. Prime Gold is a satisfying choice for those with high aesthetic gout, always demanding on the quintessence of fashion and technology.

XOR luxury phone launches limited gold edition for Lunar New Year

Meanwhile, Elite Gold is the most advanced limited edition from the XOR brand with the quantity just counted on the fingers. The entire body, which was originally made of titanium, has been replaced with precious solid gold, which requires skillful craftsmanship from top precious artisans.

In XOR Elite Gold, we find the ultimate in authority, representing the owner’s top reputation. The phone is a noble personal mark, a symbol of absolute power of the leaders.

In order to bring a full-class experience to customers, XOR also launched a specially designed phone box version during the Lunar New Year 2022. Lacquer box handcrafted from 23K gold leaf imported from France by artisans Top skilled workers with impeccable quality with flawless beauty.

In particular, the image of the tiger – the symbolic animal of 2022 is adapted in a contemporary art style on the front, sophisticated but no less delicate. Expressing the level of authority and strength, the XOR box is an object that is meant to bring luck and prosperity to the owner, honoring the desire to break through and overcome all boundaries for a brilliant new year.

XOR luxury phone launches limited gold edition for Lunar New Year

Technology that promotes privacy

In addition to the attractive design of the limited edition Tet 2022, XOR also owns advanced technology with a priority on experience that promotes privacy for users in each operation because the operating system is designed specifically regardless of the operating system. to any second manufacturer.

Not only that, but also impressive features aimed at the owner’s health, such as air quality sensors, active noise cancellation, are also specially focused by the team that created XOR. It can be said that XOR is not simply a luxury phone, but also a convenient companion, with each customer to build a positive lifestyle, aiming for success in the new year.

The combination of design and features makes XOR stand out in the luxury phone segment, satisfying the strict requirements of technology connoisseurs and enthusiasts of high-class luxury beauty. The premium versions with extremely limited quantities on the occasion of the Lunar New Year are a precious gift, bringing luck to yourself and those around you, making more sense of the moment of wonderful New Year transition. period.

Currently, XOR’s special limited editions for Tet 2022 are available in Vietnam through G-Luxury Co., Ltd. – the brand’s official representative and exclusive distributor.




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