Xiaomi TV suddenly ‘drops’ the screen

Recently, a netizen in China shared his experience with his Xiaomi TV when the LCD screen suddenly fell out of the frame.

The incident was used by a user Weibo Posted on May 28, it said that the LCD panel on the Xiaomi TV suddenly fell from the frame and shattered.

The Xiaomi TV suddenly left the screen from the frame

The home surveillance camera recorded the incident and the video was shared by this person online. The image from the video shows that the LCD panel of the smart TV suddenly fell off without any external impact.

In a later post, this person said that Xiaomi had contacted him to recall the TV overnight and refund the full amount. The Xiaomi representative said that this is a rare error, although the exact cause of the problem is still unknown.

It is worth mentioning that the case of Xiaomi TV suddenly dropping the screen is not uncommon.

On May 31, another video from a surveillance camera also showed that the LCD screen of a Xiaomi TV also suddenly fell. The image from the video posted by the owner on the Bilibili site shows that the panel suddenly comes off without any external force.

The image of the Xiaomi TV falls off the screen from the frame

Two days earlier, the owner noticed that the panel showed signs of slightly separating from the TV body, so he pressed it again. However, in this case, the customer service department said that the cause was because the TV was too old and asked the owner to replace it with a new one, but he did not agree.

In response to this, the Chinese tech giant has stated that it has contacted users for better after-sales service.

Hai Nguyen (according to Gizmochina)


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