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Xi Jinping said – country facing increasing instability-uncertainty in the matter of national security

China News: Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that China is facing increasing instability and uncertainty in terms of national security. He asserted that the Chinese Army should be led by “trusted people” loyal to the ruling Communist Party to ensure its “absolute leadership” over the world’s largest armed forces. should do. Xi made the remarks on Thursday at a study session on the topic of more implementation of strategies to strengthen the army by training competent personnel in the new era. He congratulated the military personnel ahead of the 95th Raising Day of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) which falls on August 1.

It is noteworthy that the PLA with 2 million personnel is the largest army in the world. “We must emphasize political integrity when recruiting and evaluating personnel,” Xi said, according to an official release. He stressed that the armed forces should always be led by credible people, the party’s leaders. Be loyal.”

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Xi Jinping further said this

Xi said in his address that the world has entered a new period of instability and change. He said that China is facing increasing instability and uncertainty in terms of national security. He made these remarks in the backdrop of escalating tensions between the US and China over the proposed visit of US House of Representatives (lower house of parliament) Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. It is noteworthy that China considers Taiwan as part of its mainland.

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