Xavier Beauvois protests against the Netflix festival at the Cinémathèque française and the Institut Lumière

The American streaming platform wanted to extend this partnership to other private rooms. But faced with organizations representing the profession, he had to backtrack, contenting himself with the two public institutions.

The partnership forged between Netflix, the Cinémathèque française and the Lumière Institute continues to make people cringe. On Twitter, the filmmaker Xavier Beauvois showed his dissatisfaction, qualifying “Allegiance” towards the American industrialist “Indelible shame” pier on the Parisian institution. In a second tweet, the director ofAlbatross and of men and gods even goes so far as to treat the potential audience of “Collaborator” wishing “Kill the cinema”.

The mini-festival of the streaming platform, the “Netflix film club”, which will be held from December 7 to 14 in the institutions of Paris and Lyon, is however well below the initial ambition. While it had to give up its partnership project with private cinemas, due to strong opposition from organizations representing the profession, the American online video giant plans to screen six films released in 2021 (including The Power of the Dog by Jane Campion) and three previews, among which God’s hand by Paolo Sorrentino.

The main players in the French film industry saw the platform’s first project as a departure from the media chronology and head-on competition for classic theatrical releases. In the columns of Echoes , the general delegate of the National Federation of French Cinemas, Marc-Olivier Sebbag, said he was satisfied with the back-pedaling of Netflix: “We have been heard”, he congratulated himself. always in The echoes , UGC boss Alain Sussfeld said to himself “Quite radically scandalized by the position” of the Cinémathèque and the Institut Lumière, arguing that this collaboration fuels “The confusion between audiovisual broadcasting and cinematographic broadcasting”.

Loss of economic and social gains

For his part, the film producer and distributor Jean Labadie qualified, in Release , the initiative of the“promotional operation”. “When we see […] the number of operators who were ready to sign, we tell ourselves that they are either desperate or not very smart ”, he quipped, prophesying “That the cool model that stands out” could destroy, like Uber, “Many old gains, both economically and socially”.

Especially since Netflix’s collaboration with the Cinémathèque is not trivial insofar as the first has become a patron of the second, as stipulated in a joint press release released on January 14, 2021. The platform is financially involved in the restoration of Napoleon by Abel Gance, screened for the first time in 1927, and whose “Shreds of images” have been disseminated all over the world.

Until the last moment, doubts remained around the holding of the “Netflix film club”. Of Echoes, a source known as “Knowledgeable”, assured that the Cinémathèque would give up its participation. The ticket office is finally open. Lectures around feature films are also on the program of the event, as well as meetings with some of the actors, such as Filippo Scotti and Toni Servillo in the cast of God’s hand.


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