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Worldwide protest against Russia’s move, UN says attack on sovereignty

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed legislation recognizing two provinces occupied by Ukraine’s rebels as independent countries. That is, the shells that have been raining on the border for weeks were for this day. The maneuvers of tanks and airplanes were for this time. Before the signing, he was scared of nuclear missiles for this reason. After this sign, Luhansk and Donetsk are now independent countries in the eyes of Russia. President Putin made this announcement while addressing the country on TV.

Not only this, Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine with statements. He also refused to recognize Ukraine as a nation. Putin claimed that Ukraine is soon moving towards making an atomic bomb. There is a worldwide protest against Russia’s decision. The United Nations has considered it an attack on the sovereignty of Ukraine. At the same time, America, France and Germany have said that Russia’s move will be answered.

Russia attacked without firing

The attack was predicted but Russia attacked without firing. It has announced the recognition of two parts of Ukraine as a separate nation. After which US President Joe Biden spoke to the President of France and the Chancellor of Germany on the phone. Russia condemned this move and said that Russia will be given its answer. The areas of Ukraine which Russia has recognized as two countries, America immediately stopped business relations from there. At the same time, the United Nations also called this move a step against the sovereignty of Ukraine.

breach of international law

Britain called it a violation of international law. At the same time, Ukraine has been assured that Britain is with it in bad times. This decision of Russia has intensified worldwide protests. The European Union has made it clear that it and its allies will come forward to help Ukraine. It has also been said to convene an emergency meeting of the United Nations soon.


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