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World’s most expensive drug for rare disease, 8-week-old baby will take 1.7 million pounds injection

In Britain, 8 weeks of innocent genetic disease is suffering from ‘spinal muscular atrophy’. Hearing the cost of an injection for his drug will blow anyone’s senses. The child with genetic disease is named Edward. Her parents say that when the disease was detected, they felt as if someone had pierced the needle in the stomach. Innocent disease on one side and amazing price of medicine on the other side.

Hearing the cost of an injection will blow your senses

According to the report, the drug used to treat spinal muscular atrophy is Zolgensma. The cost of one injection is 1.7 million pounds. 29-year-old Magan, who lives with 36-year-old husband John Hall in Colchester, said, “The news of the disease has become a lightning for us, which has broken us from the inside, but we will not be encouraged. Whatever the cost of the drug, the innocent lives Can’t be more valuable and we are trying everything possible to collect the money somehow. ” Edward’s parents have launched a campaign to raise funds from crowd funding. In the last month, they have received 1 lakh 20 thousand pounds as donation through the crowdfunding website, but this help is very small.

Zolgensma is the world’s most expensive drug

Zolgensma is considered the world’s most expensive drug. Gene therapy drugs such as Zolgensma medical appear to represent a new era. Because the medicine is expensive, there is a possibility that the patient will leave the new medicine. Zolgensma is only the third gene therapy drug approved in Europe. There was no treatment for SMA until three years ago. According to the report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 15 children were treated with Zolgensma during the trial in 2017. Due to the effect of the drug, all the children could survive till the age of 20 months. Apart from this, out of the 12 children who were given high doses, 11 were able to sit without assistance and two were found to be walking on their own.

‘Type 1’ is a more serious form of the disease. With the passage of time, the child’s cells become defective. Eventually the child is able to survive to the age of at most 2 years. Due to the weak cells of the chest, the baby succumbs to death. In Britain, 60 children are born every year with spinal muscular atrophy. Zolgensma injection in the UK is still neither officially nor privately available. It has to be sourced from countries like America, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

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