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World’s first course named after famous singer Taylor Swift at New York University

World first Taylor Swift course: America’s famous singer Taylor Swift always wins everyone’s heart due to her songs. American singer Taylor Swift is known for supporting independent music and culture. Meanwhile, to further refine the cast, the Clive Davis Institute at New York University has started its first course on singer Taylor Swift.

This course which has started on 26 January this year and will continue till 9 March. The course is being taught by Rolling Stone journalist Brittany Spanos. At the same time, famous singer Taylor Swift has reportedly been invited to speak in the class. However, it is also being told that the invitation given to Taylor Swift is still pending.

Another achievement of famous singer Taylor Swift

According to media reports, recently the famous singer Taylor was named as the global ambassador of Record Store Day. New York University’s Clive Davis Institute has launched its first course on chart-topping singer Taylor Swift in what is seen as another major achievement for the legendary singer. This course will cover the singer’s development as a Creative Music Entrepreneur and the legacy of the songwriters who influenced Swift. It will also consider topics such as the ongoing impact of social media on the pop music industry.

What is the purpose of the course

Music students will learn about the legacy of pop music and the country songwriters who have influenced Swift. Through this course, students will also gain an understanding of how youth are often exploited in the media and music industries. Students will learn about the politics of race in contemporary popular music. In addition, they will develop greater understanding in the arts, critical thinking, research and writing skills.

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