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World Water Day 2021: Conference on UN in the midst of growing water crisis, the statistics of India’s water crisis are astonishing

World Water Day 2021: Out of the four parts of the earth, the sea is the sea in three parts, that is, water in three parts. Surprisingly, this water is of no use to us. Of all the water available on the earth, only three percent of it is water. But even in these three percent water, only one percent is available for drinking. Due to indiscriminate modernization, natural sources of available water have also started drying up, due to which there is a famine of water. Today is World Water Day. On this day, understanding the importance of water, solidarity is shown in the world to solve the water crisis. The theme of World Water Day this year is Valuing Water. That is, the importance of water.

International conference on the importance of water
This year, on the occasion of World Water Day, an international high level virtual conference is going to take place under the aegis of the United Nations. The UN has said in its message that whether it is education, health, food, household needs, economic activities or international commerce, there is no greater essential resource for human existence than water. It has been proved by many scientific proofs that due to climate change, the natural resources of water are being affected, which is directly impacting the society. Realizing the importance of water, preventing its misuse and wastage is our practical step. All the countries of the world can collectively participate in it to get rid of this problem. Every year the United Nations presents its report on water, including drought, desertification, flooding, pollution of water, scarcity of water in agriculture, use of non-conventional sources of water, and informs the society on topics such as water for agriculture. . On the occasion of World Water Day Celebrations 2021, UNESCO Director General Audrey Ajolay will start the conference with her speech. The conference will explain the importance of awareness campaign for humanity facing water crisis.

India’s situation worsens in water crisis
According to the Asian Development Bank, there will be 50% water scarcity in India by 2030. According to the NITI Aayog report, India is facing its worst water crisis in history. The taps have dried up in the summer, causing an unprecedented water crisis. The annual per capita availability of water has come down from about 5,177 cubic meters in 1951 to about 1,720 cubic meters in 2019. Groundwater levels in 21 cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad have come down, affecting 10 crore people. About two lakh people die every year due to insufficient access to safe water. Apart from this, drinking water is not available in about three-quarters of the houses and about 70 percent water is contaminated.

Water sources are also drying up in Mussoorie and Nainital
The impact of natural havoc has to be faced by the mountainous areas the most. According to the latest report, there is a huge lack of water in many areas of Uttarakhand. The only source of drinking water in Mussoorie and Nainital is rain water and waterfall, but the crisis has increased due to less rain and less water in the waterfall. Officials of the Jal Sansthan said that this year, after the monsoon, there was no rain and even in winter there was no snowfall. On the other hand, the demand for water in Kumaon region has also increased. He told that the pressure of population has increased a lot in Haldwani, due to which the water shortage is the highest there. Apart from this, the demand for water has increased due to the opening of many resorts in areas like Ramgarh. According to the fulfillment of these demands, there is no water in the Kumaon region.

Why World Water Day is celebrated
At the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro on 22 March 1992 in Brazil, serious concern was expressed about the water crisis. In order to curb the depletion of the natural resources of water due to increasing pollution and climate change, and in order to bring awareness to the society about water, the United Nations decided in its General Assembly in 1993 to take this day on the annual program Decided to celebrate as The first World Water Day was observed on 22 March 1993. After this, many types of schemes were made in the whole world for water conservation. Every year on World Water Day, various programs are organized in which an oath is taken on water conservation. Discussions are held to keep the water of the rivers clean. Apart from this, people read poems on water, tell stories.

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