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World record for lightning strikes in America

US Lightning World Record: A world record has been set for shining lightning in America. It is being told that this is the record for the longest distance in America. A wonderful sight of lightning was seen from the distance of London to Hamburg. This distance of lightning was about 770 kilometers. The US Meteorological Department says that earlier on April 29, 2020, in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, lightning was 768 kilometers or 477.2 miles away. During that time also a new record was made. This time the lightning struck is the same as the distance between New York City and Columbus, Ohio or London and the German city of Hamburg.

sky lightning record in america

Climate experts of the World Meteorological Organization believe that this time there was lightning for the longest time. However, no concrete information has been given about how long it glowed. On June 18, 2020, there was lightning in Uruguay and northern Argentina, which was recorded for 17.1 seconds. Earlier on March 4, 2019, it was 0.37 seconds longer than the lightning in northern Argentina. Climate expert Randall Cerveney of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said that this record is of a single lightning flash. The length of the flash of lightning and how long it lasts, this process has developed rapidly over the years.

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Every year hundreds of people die due to lightning

WMO chief Petteri Taalas said that lightning is a major threat that kills many people every year. The crackling and falling of lightning is a scientific process. The WMO said that the only places protected from electricity are large buildings in which care has been taken for safety through wiring and plumbing. The UN agency maintains official global records for various weather and climate data, including temperature, precipitation and wind.

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