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World NGO Day is being celebrated in the world today, know how the foundation was laid

New Delhi: World NGO Day is an international calendar day, which is celebrated on 27 February. World NGO Day was the brainchild of Marquis Lioris Skadmis in London. It is held on 27 February every year to celebrate, remember and collaborate with various NGOs around the world.

In 2010 the IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Council of the Baltic Sea States was officially recognized and announced on behalf of the 12 member states and was first marked by the United Nations, EU leaders and international organizations in 2014. Was

History of NGO Day

World NGO Day is an international calendar day celebrated annually on 27 February. World NGO Day aims to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGOs (Charities, NPOs, CSOs) and to encourage greater synergies between NGOs and both the public and private sector.

Purpose of NGO Day

World NGO Day is a day for non-governmental organizations around the world to share knowledge and experiences with each other. The universal concept of World NGO Day is the celebration, commemoration and cooperation of various NGOs and people behind them around the world.

World NGO Day aims to educate non-governmental organizations and individuals around the world on their impact. World NGO Day provides an opportunity to honor and remember NGO founders, employees, volunteers, members and supporters.

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