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World Corona Update: More people went to Mexico yesterday, more than 40 thousand died in 9 countries

World Coronavirus Update: Corona virus outbreak continues worldwide. The number of infected is increasing rapidly. The number of corona infected has reached close to fifty million. In the last 24 hours, 4 lakh 90 thousand new cases have been reported in the world. At the same time, 6 thousand 613 people died. Mexico has the highest number of deaths in the past. After this, America, Italy, Iran, India had the highest number of deaths. The situation is very bad in America, the world’s most powerful country. There are one lakh cases coming up every day.

1.25 million corona patients die in the world
According to the WorldMeter website, five crore 48 lakh cases have been reported in the world so far. At the same time, 13 lakh 24 thousand people have died so far. Whereas 3 crore 81 lakh people have been cured. 1 crore 53 lakh people are still corona infected, they are undergoing treatment. Out of which one lakh people are in critical condition.

Top 10 Countries Affected by Corona
America tops the list of countries most affected by the Corona epidemic. The fastest cases are also increasing in America. In the last 24 hours, one lakh 35 thousand new cases have come in America. After this, India’s number comes. 88 lakh coronas have been infected in India, 30 thousand cases have increased in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 14 thousand cases were reported in 24 hours in Brazil, the third most affected country by Corona.

  • America: Case- 11,363,464, Death- 251,826
  • India: Case- 8,845,617, Death- 130,109
  • Brazil: Case- 5,863,093, Death- 165,811
  • France: Case – 1,981,827, Death – 44,548
  • Russia: Case- 1,925,825, Death- 33,186
  • Spain: Case- 1,492,608, Death- 40,769
  • The uk: Case- 1,369,318, Death- 51,934
  • Argentina: Case- 1,310,491, Death- 35,436
  • Colombia: Case – 1,198,746, Death – 34,031
  • Italy: Case- 1,178,529, Death- 45,229

More than 20 thousand corona patients die in 14 countries
More than 20 thousand corona patients have died in 14 countries of the world. There are 9 of these countries, where more than 40 thousand deaths have occurred. 56 per cent of the world’s people lost their lives in only six countries. These countries are America, Brazil, India, Mexico, Britain, Italy. At the same time, in 20 countries of the world, the number of corona infected has reached beyond 5 lakhs. These include Italy, Peru, South Africa, Iran, Germany, Poland and Chile.

India is the second largest number of infected people in the world. Not only this, it is at number three in the most death cases. Also, India is the fourth country where there are the most active cases.

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