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World Bee Day: Do you know these interesting things related to bees?

Bees are the largest polyneters. Very few people know that if the bees are eliminated from the earth, then the entire ecosystem of the planet will be easily destroyed. Unfortunately, many bee species have been threatened due to changes in land use, pesticides, intensive agriculture and climate change. But through many measures, you can help them thrive.

World Bee Day is celebrated to warn the bees from the dangers caused by human activities. This day also aims to make people aware of the important role they play in the ecological system of small buzzing organisms. Today, on the occasion of World Day, some amazing things should be known about nature’s hardest working polynator.

Amazing things about bees

When a bee discovers and inspects a new nest, it uses a waggle dance to discuss and propagate its characteristics. The better the place, the longer and tougher the bee’s dance will be. Bees can communicate and make decisions through dance. Finally, the dynamics of the waggle dance cause about 20–30 bees to be persuaded to the best place to nest, and loudly communicate their decision among the other bees from the rest of the flock and feathers.

Honey bees in Vietnam and other parts of Asia are threatened by predatory species of hornets that attack their colonies. During this period, the predatory species of adult bees are killed in the protection of the nest and hunt the young bees. To ward off such attacks, bees have been seen collecting fresh feces of animals and smearing them near the entrance of their hive.

  1. Around 20,000 species of bees exist in the world.
  2. Bees live in colonies. Every colony has its queen, worker and drone.
  3. The drone consists of all male bees, the worker bee cleanses the hive.
  4. The workers gather Pollen and Nectar and take care of the children.
  5. The drone bee is only for mating with the queen bee.
  6. The queen bee only serves to lay eggs.
  7. An average bee makes 12 teaspoons of honey in its entire lifetime.
  8. Bees follow democracy. They are discussed to choose a new house.
  9. Voting takes place at the end and during this time the queen bee remains impartial.

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