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World alert about new strain of corona virus, know in which case is more dangerous

There has been a silver lining in the world since the introduction of the corona virus vaccine. Many countries around the world have also approved the vaccination. Along with this good news, a news is coming out that has put the whole world on alert mode once again.

A new mutation of the corona virus has emerged in Britain. It spreads 70% faster than earlier viruses. After confirmation from the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, many countries of the world have banned flights to and from the UK with immediate effect.

India’s eyes are also on the news of Corona’s new strain. The Health Ministry is monitoring this. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has said that there is no need to panic, the government is watching. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Delhi has asked the Central Government to immediately stop all flights coming from Britain. Now it has to be seen what steps the central government takes.

How dangerous than the earlier viruses?
Regarding this new strain of corona virus, the British PM said that a new strain of corona virus has emerged, which spreads 70 percent faster than the former virus. According to British Health Experts, the virus spreads so fast that the situation is ‘out of control’. Officials said that no evidence has been found so far that this virus is more deadly than before.

Will the current vaccine affect the virus?
Experts believe that the new virus will not have any effect on the vaccine. At the same time, the British Health Department says that until the Corona vaccine proves to be fully effective, strict rules affecting about one third of the population of England can remain. Britain has also informed the WHO about this new strain. It is not yet known whether this new strain has started from Britain or has come from outside.

Tighter lock down imposed in Britain
Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the closure of markets in South England and the gathering of people before Christmas, following the rapid spread of the new form of the corona virus. Johnson announced the strict implementation of category-4 restrictions with immediate effect. The government was relaxed on Christmas, it has been withdrawn.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “The order to stay at home is correct after Corona’s new strain is exposed.” There has been a ban on family celebrations on Christmas and the closure of non-essential shops. Unfortunately the new strain is out of control. We have to keep it under control.

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