Work: in France, certain sectors “are union deserts”, indicates Bernard Vivier




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Invited to the 11 p.m. set of Franceinfo on Thursday April 28, Bernard Vivier, director of the Higher Institute of Labor and expert in social and trade union issues, analyzes the evolution of trade unions in France.

In France, the unionization rate has continued to decline for several years. The unionization rate was 7.8% in France in 2020. Bernard Vivier, director of the Higher Institute of Labor and expert in social and union issues, specifies that it is “15% in the public sector, 5% in the private sector. And above all, the new sectors of the economy, services, distribution, new economies, are trade union deserts: 1%, 2%. in France, when trade unions sign a text, build social progress, these texts apply to 100% of employees”he says.

Bernard Vivier explains that the division between the unions is not the main concern, because it offers “pluralism. It’s diversity, it’s a wider offer”. “The basic problem in France is that the unions live a little bit what political parties live. That is to say: they live at election time and not enough on a daily basis in contact, for the parties , citizens and for trade unions, employees”he describes.

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