Words of HRD in this period of Covid-19. Benoît Serre, vice-president of ANDRH: “When people are no longer there, the company no longer exists”

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What marked Benoît Serre, however experienced in human resources issues, during this year of health crisis? “It was when I noticed that it was the young people who asked me to come back to the office as soon as possible. We did not expect it. We thought that telework would be the model of tomorrow, and the young us said it was wrong. ”

The great difficulty that the HRD had to overcome was to reconcile individual problems and collective regulations. For him, it was first necessary to listen to people. and listen to the government only then: “When an employee calls you and says to you: ‘I cannot stay telework, it is not possible because I am isolated, because I have young children, because I do not have no morale ‘, in fact we forget all the recommendations of the government, because we protect the individual.And the big difference between the two confinements is that in the first we were in a very collective approach to the subject : ‘How do I run my box despite the constraints?’

In the second confinement, we pay attention to individuals.

Benoît Serre

to franceinfo

For the vice-president of the association of human resources directors, this crisis will have had one merit: “We have rediscovered that when people no longer come, things don’t work as well. In other words: the men and women of the company are absolutely essential to the functioning of the company. When people are not there, the company no longer exists, or exists less well. And that was the great revelation that will leave positive and lasting traces “, said Benoît Serre to conclude.

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