Words of HRD during Covid-19, with Diane Deperrois, from Axa: “we had to listen a lot”

The Axa building in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). Illustrative photo. (ANNE BRUNEL / RADIO FRANCE)

100% of employees telework, each at home, overnight, while everyone was used to working together: one of the challenges for Diane Deperrois, HRD of Axa France, was to imagine ways to recreate the link when confinement was imposed, at the start of the Covid-19 crisis: “HR has transformed itself into facilitators and we have created formats that are completely new. Formats that allow us to challenge together, to play together, to challenge each other team to team, person to person. around these games, recreated informal and collective during these times of confinement which are long. “

How do we imagine, when it’s not his job, these new ways of being together? Diane Deperrois’ response is clear: “We had to phosphorate, but we also had to listen to the field. We carried out regular polls, saying: ‘tell us what we are doing well, what could we do better, what are you missing? ‘ We took the pulse and then we adjusted our formats. “

For a bit, the HRD would almost say: long live the crisis. “In times of crisis, there is a rallying phenomenon, we all stand together, we support each other. And that we want to continue!” Tomorrow, the company will operate in hybrid mode, half teleworking, half presence on site. A new balance that the crisis has made it possible to find:“It’s a crisis that has hard aspects but also has wonderful aspects: people manage to make it work. There is this positive side of human relationship, even at a distance, we were in relationship, we have done together, even remotely. ” emphasizes Diane Deperrois.

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