Word of HRD during the Covid-19 period, with Nathalie Gateau from the Rocher group: “in terms of activity, it was unheard of”

Groupe Rocher building in Paris. Illustrative photo. (VINCENT ISORE / MAXPPP)

In one weekend, close all the shops around the world, put all the staff who could telework … Nathalie Gateau recognizes today that she did not know if she was going to be able to do it: “It was almost the worst moment of my life: everyone called us! It was the permanent after-sales service. In terms of activity, it was unheard of.”

Even the biggest restructurings she has gone through seems to her to be below this crisis. Especially since it is necessary to act at the global level: “Our role was to deploy the implementation of the partial activity in France, but also throughout the world and our role was that everything we were going to put in place would be fair. salary in France, we have to be able to do it also in Mexico. So we spent our time doing the dashboard, the Excel file, reporting information, and asking ourselves’ Is it? we’re going, aren’t we going? ‘ We worked like crazy! “

A work that never stops, with rules, circulars and decrees, which change all the time

The most vivid memory is that what was true in the morning was no longer true in the evening.

Nathalie Gateau

on franceinfo

For Nathalie Gateau, HR has been the keystone of the organization. HRD does not know of other functions which require so many different skills: “It’s extremely complex, it involves legal, financial, psychological issues, people were really bad so we also had to listen to them, so we spend our time doing everything.”

On all fronts, with mothers meeting with their babies on their knees, for Nathalie Gateau, human resources have also been one of these frontline professions: “We often talk about caregivers, and rightly so, who save lives. We don’t know if we have been used to save a few companies, but somewhere it was like that.”

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