Wood peeler rolled the skin of a young man

Phu-ThoA 28-year-old young man, working with a wood peeler, was caught in the machine, seriously injured.

The emergency team of the Emergency Center 115, Hung Vuong Hospital, Phu Tho, approached the scene, urgently resuscitated, relieved pain, and anti-shock to maintain life for the victim. Another team organized to collect, clean and preserve the skin patches caught in the machine and fell at the scene.

At the same time at the hospital, doctors in the department of hematology, blood transfusion, orthopedic trauma, active resuscitation … were also mobilized to prepare and promptly handle them when the victim was admitted to the hospital.

Doctor Phung Duc Long, Director of Emergency Center 115, said the patient was hospitalized in severe shock, lethargy due to injury and excessive blood loss. The entire skin of the back, neck, chest, wings, forearms on both sides, thighs, legs on both sides is completely removed to reveal the muscles and bones, the area of ​​skin peeling is over 50%. Doctors devote all their efforts to race against time to cure the victim. Due to the severe injury, the area of ​​injury was large, then the patient was transferred to Le Huu Trac National Burn Hospital, Hanoi, for treatment.

Doctors warn workers that workers should have protective gear and occupational safety knowledge when working with machines, especially large-capacity machines such as saws, saws, plows, rice plows. or wood peeler. When an accident occurs, it is necessary to call emergency first aid and take the patient immediately to the nearest medical facility.

The doctor is conducting active resuscitation for the patient. Image: Hospital provided

Thuy An


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