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‘Won’t go’ Imran Khan’s ex-wife pinched Donald Trump, shared interesting video

Donald Trump is not ready to accept Biden’s victory even after losing the presidential election. After the counting of votes started, he claimed a big victory of his own. Two days after the voting process was over, Trump at the White House made an unexpected statement and accused him of theft in the election.

Controversial statement by Donald Trump after the election

He has made the transfer of power difficult by accusing him of rigging the election. On November 4, Trump wrote on Twitter, “We are moving towards a big victory, but the Democrats are trying to steal the election. We will not allow this to happen. We cannot vote after the election is over.”

Claims flying on social media

Donald Trump’s allegations and statements are being discussed a lot on social media. People are ridiculing them in different ways. Users are giving their feedback by making memes, sharing videos. The former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jamaaima Gold Smith, satirized by sharing a video on Trump’s copy.

In the video shared on Twitter, a person can be seen copying Donald Trump. The person in the video, hearing the name of leaving from the White House, started stubbornly like children on the ground and started shouting, “I will not go”. In the caption of the video, Jamaaima wrote that tonight’s scenes in the White House.

One user shared a photo and wrote that after the election, Donald Trump is preparing for the movement.

In a video released as a joke, “Donald Trump and Biden have both declared success in the election and the reaction of the Americans is somewhat different.”

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