Wonder Woman: director Patty Jenkins confirms a third installment

Actress Gal Gadot is expected to reprise her heroine costume for the DC Comics franchise. No filming or release date has been revealed.

On the occasion of DC Fandome, an online conference organized last weekend by DC Films and Warner Bros., Patty Jenkins dropped the info. Wonder woman will have a third film. If no release date or even the start of filming has been mentioned, the filmmaker has confirmed her participation in the new film. She should take on the role of director, screenwriter and producer at the same time. Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman in the first two films, will also be back.

Patty Jenkins was interviewed by Lynda Carter, the heroine’s first performer in the 1970s, and who should have an important role in this new film. “Gal Gadot, who would have loved to be here, Lynda and I are all three very excited about the exciting things we are going to tellEnthuses the filmmaker. She then phosphorated on the importance of a heroine like Wonder Woman in the pop culture of 2021: “We are in a time when Wonder Woman is the most relevant character in the world of superheroes (…) She is the superheroine of love, patience, compassion, kindness ( …), That’s what matters nowadays.

A busy agenda

Revealed in 2003 with the film Monster, Patty Jenkins was a resounding success with the first film Wonder Woman. Released in 2017, it had grossed $ 800 million at the box office worldwide. Its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 did not have the same success. Penalized by an exit in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, both in streaming and in the cinema, the film had only grossed $ 160 million at the box office.

Before plunging again into the DC Comics adventure, Patty Jenkins will have to deal with a busy schedule. She’s in charge of a new film around the universe Star wars titled Rogue Squadron, scheduled for an American release on December 22, 2023. Before that, she will meet Gal Gadot in Cleopatra , a biopic on the ex-queen of Egypt, which also has no release date.


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