Wonder Woman 1984, Possessor, Madame Claude… Online movies to watch, or not, this week

During this health crisis and the closing of cinemas, the editorial staff of Figaro offers you every Wednesday a selection of new products available on streaming platforms or VOD.

To have

Wonder Woman 1984, (the) Amazon and triumphant capitalism

In this second film, we find the beautiful Amazon in 1984, still embodied by Gal Gadot, working as an archaeologist at the Smithsonian Museum. The times are flashy. The disco explodes. The beautiful Americans roar all chrome outside in the streets of spangled metropolises as in the parade. To appear surpasses being. The cult of the body is at its peak. Capitalism is flowing intravenously in an America that is plunging into consumerism at all costs. It is at this precise moment that a mysterious artifact resurfaces. This stone adorned with Latin inscriptions has strange magical powers. It makes wishes come true. But beware of anyone who takes himself for the genie of the lamp… In the film, the one who wants to seize this fallacious martingale is called Max Lord. The actor Pedro Pascal (who made a look at the young Donald Trump) embodies this businessman who has spent his life believing that he could take his revenge on the American dream. Lord imagines giving everyone the power to make their dearest wish come true. What if we could make everyone’s wishes come true? The question plunges viewers into the heart of a modern fable where the international geopolitical balance depends only on collective awareness.

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Possessor, two in one

Freshly crowned with the Grand Prix of the Gérardmer Fantastic Film Festival, Possessor skip the cinema box to arrive directly in VOD. In this second feature film by Brandon Cronenberg, Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) becomes the sprinkler sprayed with a disturbing schizophrenic fable. A member of a secret organization of new generation murderers, his livelihood is to take control of others and push them to commit murder. This small daily life, already difficult to take on, made up of assassinations and cutting-edge technologies, takes a most dramatic turn when the heroine gets stuck in the body of a man (Christopher Abbott) with a murderous appetite much more developed than ‘as usual. A narrow duality is then played out between two sick personalities united in one and the same carnal envelope.

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You can see

Framing Britney Spears, #FreeBritney

The documentary had unleashed passions across the Atlantic at the end of last year, it is now landing in France. Lasting just over an hour, Free Framing Britney traces the meteoric rise of Britney Spears but also his descent into hell. The starting point? The #FreeBritney movement, Free Britney in French, recently launched by fans who wonder why their idol is still under guardianship. Since 2008, Jamie Spears, the father of the pop singer, has controlled and managed his professional career, his schedule and his fortune estimated at sixty million dollars. The film also points to the harassment of which Britney Spears has been the victim since its inception, especially from the paparazzi, but also from Justin Timberlake, her ex-boyfriend who, a few days after the broadcast, will speak publicly to apologize.

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Well love, we know the song

Catherine Deneuve plays Madeleine, a light woman. Christophe Honoré’s film is too. Everything sings, in Well love: the actors, the following days, the images. It is the story of people who are not afraid of their feelings. So, from the 1960s to today, we fall into the arms of a Czech doctor, we lose sight of each other, we have a daughter, we marry Michel Delpech who is the only one not to hum a tune (nice idea) . The destinies of each other have wings on their heels. There are slaps and shouts, giggles and reconciliations. Chiara Mastroianni, with her eyes as large as a lake, is blonde, smiling, lost. Honoré ages by shedding his tics and his references. Okay, there’s still a young lady who dreams of having a child with a musician who has AIDS. Well let’s see. These flaws will eventually leave him. Other than that, the charm operates. Can you wear a sari without being married? Time slips, more or less prostitution is not so serious, the wounds are closing. We think of Chardonne’s sentence: all ends well, since all ends.

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To avoid

Madame Claude, a legend that falls flat

Obviously, she had changed her name. Fernande Grudet, that sounded worse than Madame Claude. With her daughters (there were up to two hundred), she did the same. Thus, Clarence became Virginia. Sidonie was an exception: she kept her first name. The film dwells on the checkered relations of the “madam of the Republic” and her disciple who comes out of a private school. A scent of sulfur rises to the nostrils. Ah, the escort girls of the 1970s! Quite a legend. Sylvie Verheyde traces the reign and then the fall of the one who called herself “the queen of whores”. His film, unsurprisingly and rather disappointing, originally planned for a theatrical release, is available, Covid obliges, on Netflix.

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