Wonder Woman 1984 gets tangled in her lasso for her launch weekend

Victim of critics and the health crisis, Patty Jenkins’ film recorded a very disappointing result in China where cinemas are open.

Wonder Woman’s second mission seems a lot more complex than the first. After months of uncertainties and a delayed release date, Patty Jenkins’ film has finally aired on weekends on 30,221 screens in 32 countries. Highly anticipated, Wonder Woman 1984 however, only brought in $ 38.5 million. For its launch, Warner expected nearly double the revenue, or $ 60 million. The sudden closure of some foreign markets and the poor Chinese reception handicapped the Amazon of DC.

Taiwan, Thailand and Latin America, with Mexico and Brazil, welcomed Patty Jenkins’ feature film with open arms with Gal Gadot headlining, ranking the number one film at the box office. But the heroine did not have the same effect everywhere. In Japan, the film Demon slayer has not let go of his leadership position. The brutal shutdown of UK cinemas thwarted the plan to Wonder Woman 1984 in one of the biggest European markets.

Another blow for the Amazon, China. With $ 18.8 million, Wonder Woman 1984 does less well than the first part which had collected 38 million dollars during its first weekend of exploitation. The reasons ? Critics blame the film for its length and lack of action. And the state of health of the Chinese market is also to be pointed out. Wonder woman is not the only film to suffer from the health crisis. At the top of the box office, Chinese production The Rescue, starring actor Dante Lam, grossed just $ 36.1 million in the weekend. The actor’s previous film, a superstar in the Middle Kingdom, had grossed $ 73 million in its first weekend.

For Warner, the difficulties of Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters undermine the goal of matching or even exceeding the $ 90.5 million in revenue reported by the first episode in the Chinese market. Especially since the scheduled release on HBO Max on December 25 may very quickly fuel the pirate market. Enemies against which Princess Diana and her magic lasso are powerless.


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