Women’s Euro: Les Bleues fail at the gates of the final

The course was superb but, unfortunately, the story stops at the gates of the final duel. Les Bleues failed to qualify for the final of the Women’s Euro 2022. The tricolor team was defeated by Germany 2-1 after a disputed match.

Stunned, hands on hips, the French had their heads down at the final whistle, when the Germans let their joy burst, arms in the air. The France team fails at the gates of the final, as at the 2011 World Cup in Germany and at the 2012 Olympics in London, and it will bring its regrets home, after having failed in the game and disillusioned in its ambitions.

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Les Bleues are therefore falling from above and they must put their hopes on future tournaments: the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and Euro-2025, which the French Football Federation would like arrange.

Its president Noël Le Graët had set the “last square” as the objective to be achieved for coach Corinne Deacon, whose contract is coming to an end.

Germany, a pet peeve of French women

In a peak of intensity, hooked and tense, Wendie Renard’s partners suffered as rarely against the compact defense and the tough midfield of the Germans, fluid in transitions, skilful in deflections and dangerous on set pieces.

Goalkeeper Pauline Peyraud-Magnin took shots and saved the day several times, notably on a superb flight after a direct free kick from Alexandra Popp (22nd).

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She could not do anything, however, when the Wolfsburg striker appeared in front of Eve Perisset to catapult the ball into the back of her net (40th, 1-0).

Renard has rounded up his troops, in a circle, to try to sound the revolt. And this one came from the right foot of Kadidiatou Diani. The PSG winger fired a missile, repelled by the post but entered Merle Frohms’ cage with the help of the goalkeeper’s back (44th, 1-1).

The French regained their tone and a little more control in the second half, helped by the entries of jokers Clara Mateo and Selma Bacha, already very prominent during the quarter-final won in extra time against the Netherlands (1-0 ap), outgoing champions.

At 21, the second has again shown that she is much more than a replacement. Frohms boxed a first attempt (63rd) from the Lyonnaise, who made a superb recovery from just wide (79th) and found Renard’s header from a corner (64th), pushed back by the goalkeeper.

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Alas, Germany for its part did not miss its chance. The stainless Popp punished the Blue with an angry header (76th), validated after using video assistance.

With it, Germany can dream of rising to the roof of Europe. The Frauen-Nationalmannschaft gave up their throne in 2017, eliminated in the quarterfinals after winning the previous six editions.

As Les Bleues launch their Euro 2022, visualize the gap in inequality between female and male footballers

The Germans will therefore remain the pet peeves of the Habs. In five official matches, Les Bleues have always been beaten, including once on penalties in the quarter-finals of the 2015 World Cup.

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