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Women under Taliban rule, order not to issue driving license

Taliban Stopped Driving Licenses To Women: The condition of women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule is not good. Amidst the many restrictions already issued on women, another decree has come from the Taliban regarding women. The Taliban has now banned the issuance of driving licenses to women of Afghanistan.

Media reports say that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has stopped issuing driving licenses to women in Kabul and other provinces. The ban comes at a time when the country is going through a severe economic and devastating humanitarian crisis. There is a severe shortage of supply of food and other essentials in the country.

Ban on issuing driving license to women

Before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, women could be seen driving in some of the country’s major cities, including Kabul. But now the Taliban has now stopped issuing driving licenses to women. The human rights situation in Afghanistan has worsened since the fall of the Afghan government and the return of the Taliban to power in August last year. Although the fighting in the country is over, serious human rights violations continue unabated. Many decisions have been taken especially against women. Exploitation and harassment of women is common.

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Girls were also banned from going to school

Significantly, in a recent decree, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan banned girls from going to school above the sixth grade. This decision of the Taliban was condemned by countries around the world. The leaders of the organization had then said that this step was taken due to the shortage of teachers and talked about restoring the right of girls to study beyond the sixth standard soon. According to an international estimate, Afghanistan now has the largest number of people with emergency food insecurity in the world.

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