Women “have the right” to wear the veil in football, says Elisabeth Moreno

The women “have the right to wear the Islamic veil to play” on a football field, estimated this Thursday, February 10, the Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Elisabeth Moreno, questioned on the “hijabeuses”a collective that campaigns for this right in competition.

“The law says that these young girls can wear the veil and play football. On the football fields today, it is not forbidden to wear the veil. I want the law to be obeyed.”said the minister on LCI, while the French Football Federation (FFF) prohibits the wearing of religious symbols in competition.

The sequel after the ad

The “Hijabeuses” match before the Senate against the ban on wearing the veil in sports competitions

“If they want to play football while veiled, how is that impossible? (…) Very often, girls are unable to leave their homes to do things, the famous house arrest”she said, supporting “the possibility for girls to play sports”.

An amendment passed by the Senate

A collective, the “Hijabeuses”seized the Council of State in November 2021 to obtain the repeal of article 1 of the regulations of the French Football Federation (FFF), which prohibits “any wearing of a sign or outfit ostensibly manifesting a political, philosophical, religious or trade union affiliation”.

The senators adopted on January 19, against the advice of the government, an amendment proposed by the LR group prohibiting “the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols” during “sporting events and sports competitions organized by sports federations”. An amendment repealed by the National Assembly, where LREM has a majority. The administrative court on Wednesday suspended a prefectural decree which had banned a demonstration on the same day of “hijabeuses” near the Palais Bourbon.

“To vomit”: the deputies are torn over the veiled assessors in the polling stations

More generally, Elisabeth Moreno estimated on LCI that “in the public space, women can dress as they wish” and that he “there are women who say I wear the veil by choice”. » “My battle is to protect those who are forced to wear the veil”did she say.

The sequel after the ad

“If parents have to be punished, why not? But only those who are forced to do so”she advocated, when asked about the possibility of inflicting dissuasive fines for the parents of girls under the age of fifteen who wear the veil in public space. “Women must be able to choose to dress as they wish”she still considered

” It will be alright “

A position that provoked strong responses from the opposition. “ In many countries, women are fighting to practice their sport freely. In France, the government would like to pass off the Islamic veil as freedom. In the stadiums as in the streets, I will ban it! » reacted vehemently the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour on Twitter.

Same story with LR Eric Ciotti, who asked during a session at the National Assembly on Thursday to ban the wearing of the Islamic veil in sport. “It’s not a fashion accessory, it’s a prison, an ideological and fanatical marker that encloses the woman, an object of submission and negation of the individual”he advanced.

“Profound disagreement with Elisabeth Moreno, who would probably not have passed the 2004 law on the prohibition of religious symbols in schools. The Minister’s remarks are decadent and do not represent the work undertaken since 2017 against separatism”commented on Twitter the deputy of Indre François Jolivet.

The sequel after the ad

“Calm down, it’s going to be fine” is a sexist expression, the statistical proof

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And the Minister to reply, without being disheartened: “Calm down, it’s going to be fine”in reference to the sexist outing of Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on BFMTV on Wednesday.

“The battle of the majority is the freedom of women. She also reminded you of this during the examination of the Sports Act by rejecting all your amendments which would have had the sole effect of placing women under house arrest. »

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