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The female immune system suppresses the cytokine storm, reduces pneumonia and acute respiratory failure caused by Covid-19, thanks to the stability of the three hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Dr. Le Thuy Tuoi, a senior specialist in sexual health care, said the above information and cited statistics from 123 countries by Global Health at the end of last year showing the death rate from Covid-19 in men. gender is 1.5 times higher than that of female.

Another statistic in the UK recorded that the mortality rate of all Covid-19 cases in women was 1% and men was 2%. The report of the World Health Organization (WHO) also shows that the male death rate due to Covid-19 accounts for 63%.

According to Dr. Tuoi, scientists have studied to find the reason why the ability to resist Covid-19 is superior in women compared to men. Initially, they suggested that a number of factors such as chromosomal differences, social factors (occupation, behavior…), lifestyle (drinking alcohol, smoking, etc.) Women are stronger than before Covid-19.

During the research process, scientists discovered the special role of estrogen in particular and the stability of the trio of female hormones estrogen – progesterone – testosterone in general in the fight against nCoV. When this trio maintains a balance with the right ratio, the immune system works effectively, the body will be completely healthy, ready to cope with disease.

Specifically, estrogen has a role in regulating the immune response in the direction of inhibiting the cytokine storm, reducing acute pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by viruses. The two hormones progesterone and testosterone participate in promoting the body’s protective immune factors, regulating the immune response in a beneficial way against the invasion and proliferation of viruses.

To keep the body healthy and improve resistance to disease, experts encourage women to aim for a balanced and scientific diet; limit foods with high sugar content such as refined starches (white rice, white flour…); Increase green vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Women try to balance life by working and resting properly, avoiding stress for a long time, taking time to mentally relax and maintaining physical activities such as walking, cycling, exercising. yoga…

Dr. Tuoi also advises when the body appears to have disorders because of an imbalance between female hormones, it is necessary to evenly and properly supplement all three of the above hormones. Adding only estrogen and omitting progesterone increases the risk of endometrial cancer by 5-8 times. However, herbal estrogens (phytoestrogens) cannot completely replace the natural hormone estrogen in the female body. When phytoestrogens enter the body, they are broken down, about 30-50% of people possessing the gut microbiota that is able to convert them into a biologically effective form for health.

Doctor instructs lung rehabilitation exercises for F0 at the Hospital for Rehabilitation and Treatment of Occupational Diseases (District 8, Ho Chi Minh City), September 21, 2021. Photo: Quynh Tran

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