Without waiting Die can wait, James Bond returns to our screens

VIDEOS – Daniel Craig, like many British stars, has played the charity sketches of Comic Relief. Check out 007’s latest unusual adventure.

The coronavirus pandemic has three times postponed the theatrical release of To die can wait, the latest adventures of James Bond, played by Daniel Craig. But the British comedian did not say his last word and put on his secret agent costume for the last time on Friday for a good cause.

Like many brothers and sisters, Daniel Craig lent himself with good grace to the sketches of Comic Relief. An institution in the United Kingdom. Every two years, this charity founded in 1985 by screenwriter Richard Curtis (Love Actually) and actor Lenny Henry organizes a “telethon” to raise funds for NGOs fighting against precariousness.

Daniel Craig’s number caused a stir. We see James Bond logging in to participate in his weekly videoconference briefing with M, the head of British intelligence. But his superior is absent. In his place is in his office a cleaning lady (Catherine Tate) who has no tongue in her pocket. She subjects 007 to an unprecedented interrogation on her carbon footprint, her private life and does not hesitate to handle dangerous gadgets.

Among the other sketches of the evening, let us quote that of the friends and accomplices of Good omens David Tennant (Broadchurch) and Michael Sheen (The Queen). The duo imagined an original skit of their confined comedy Staged where actors frustrated by inactivity transform into Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. And their rivalry is still so jubilant and childish!

Actresses Carey Mulligan, newly nominated for Oscar nominations for Promising Young Woman, Keira Knightley, Jodie Whitaker and more Joan Collins appear in trailer parody 2020 which sums up the rites of this past year under cover: school at home, haphazard attempt at a haircut, the difficulties of access to the vaccine. Decidedly in shape, Michael Sheen returns to play a small, very convincing role: that of the coronavirus.

These three hours of live show collected 45,938,942 books which will be devoted to the fight against hunger, rental insecurity, domestic violence or discrimination linked to mental illness.


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