Without additional cases, nearly 68,000 people were vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine

On the morning of April 18, the Ministry of Health did not record positive nCoV cases. Number of community infections nationwide in the past 80 days maintained 910.

In the past 24 hours, 8 more cases were immediately quarantined. The total number of cases increased to 2,781, out of 2,475. The patients undergoing stable majority treatment, of which 16 tested negative for nCoV once, 18 were negative for the second time, and 18 were negative for the third time.

The total number of people in close contact and entry from the epidemic area under medical quarantine is more than 40,000. In particular, the number of isolated people concentrated in the hospital was 531, at other facilities was more than 24,000, the rest isolated at home and at the residence.

Over the past 20 days, the country has not recorded new cases in the community, but the number of imported cases increases every day, even more than 25 cases. Since January 27 an outbreak related to Hai Duong and Quang Ninh up to now, the total community infection case has maintained 910. Many provinces and cities have not added new cases over the past two months.

According to the National Expanded Immunization Program, on April 17, an additional 1,423 people were vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine in 6 provinces and cities. Specifically, Quang Ninh 195 people, Hai Phong 60, Hai Duong 477, Bac Giang 83, Ha Tinh 526 (second phase), Cao Bang 82 people (second phase).

Thus, in total, the first and second injections were performed in 22 provinces and cities for 67,789 people. They are all staff and medical staff directly treating Covid-19 patients, medical staff perform tasks such as taking samples, testing, tracing, members of Covid-19 groups. community, Steering Committee for epidemic prevention, police.

On April 17, Hai Phong finished the first phase. The provinces of Quang Ninh and Hai Duong are making efforts to complete the first phase implementation.

People are recommended to continue strictly complying with the 5K requirement, especially wearing masks, not gathering people and strictly following the epidemic prevention guidelines at offices, offices, factories, factories. production department to ensure working safety.

According to the Center for Emergency Response to Public Health Events of Vietnam, the world has recorded more than 3 million deaths from Covid-19 among more than 140 million infected people. The US is the country most severely affected by the epidemic, followed by India and Brazil.

Le Nga