Without a sound 2 or the silent apocalypse, on Canal +

CRITICAL – With the sequel to A quiet place , released in 2021, director John Krasinski manages to do even better. Hats off! Not to be missed this Friday, April 8 at 9:10 p.m. on Canal + and on MyCanal.

Since the big surprise success in 2018 of his first
horror thriller A Quiet Place (original title that could be translated as “A peaceful place“), the actor-director John Krasinski understood that he had a hell of a good vein. Not only Without a sound2broadcast for the first time on Canal+, is an uninhibited sequel, but it is perhaps even deeper than the original film.

The whisper of others

Because it is above all a feature film that can be listened to. The principle of the saga is simple: the world suddenly sees a terrifying, invisible threat descending on it, materialized by creatures endowed with absolute pitch. Suddenly, in a screaming nation where all voices have grown accustomed to being thunderous, silence is golden. In order to survive, humans are forced to tone it down, to reduce all the sounds they ordinarily emit at the top of their voices. An America suddenly forced into silence, condemned to listen to the whispers of others, the subcutaneous allegory was clever and surprising…

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