With the first part of Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier releases the most anticipated film of the year

After having repeatedly postponed its theatrical release, the medieval-burlesque comedy inspired by its successful series finally arrives on screens this Wednesday, July 21.

On October 31, 2009, Alexandre Astier concluded the final episode of his series Kaamelott with a promise: “Soon Arthur will be a hero again.More than a decade later, that day has arrived. “It’s not that much, ten years. In any case, on the set, we did not even talk about it. Even with the very old. We didn’t think it was cool to meet again. We did not waste a single second of the entire production saying to ourselves: “What a long way”! We just started working again. We did what we like to do ”, tells the director to BFM.

Set ten years after the events recounted in the series, Kaamelott – First Stream (KV1 pour les intimate) tells how Arthur will federate, or at least attempt to do it, his former knights to overthrow the tyrannical Lancelot du Lac and his Saxon mercenaries, who are reigning terror over the kingdom of Logres.

The gods, insulted by this cruel dictatorship, provoke the return of Arthur Pendragon and the advent of resistance. Will Arthur manage to unite the rebel clans, overthrow his rival, retake Kaamelott and restore peace on the island of Brittany?

If the absurd logorrhea of ​​his grieving characters is present, Alexandre Astier renews himself by offering unusual scenes in the universe of Kaamelott , which is mainly based on silences and music. To make room for an emotion that did not exist in the series.

As funny as the first few seasons, KV1 develops the melancholy atmosphere of the final season, whose action, located during Arthur’s youth in Rome, allowed us to discover the complex personality of a king who had become depressed and suicidal. The film premiered in many theaters this Tuesday, including at the Grand Rex in Paris (all screenings are already full). The opportunity to go and dive again, despite new sanitary constraints, in the medieval universe of the knight Astier and to continue to write new crazy pages of the Arthurian legend.


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