With Songbird, Michael Bay tells about life after four years of confinement in the face of the coronavirus

Like an air of deja vu. The first feature film made during the coronavirus epidemic in Los Angeles is revealed in a viral trailer. The epidemic has evolved and 2024 marks the fourth year of uninterrupted containment. The Covid-23 is killing at an accelerated rate with a mortality rate exceeding 50%. So when a person is infected, they are forced to leave their homes and go to quarantine camps.

Produced by Michael Bay, Songbird is directed by Adam Mason (The Devil’s Chair: La Chaise du mal). “It’s a dystopian and scary world, but mostly it’s a romantic movie about two people who want to be together, and who can’t., tells the director to Entertainment Weekly . This is Romeo and Juliet, but they are separated by the front door and the virus.The feature film was shot in just 17 days with strict security measures. The film crew, never exceeding 40 people, was subjected to regular tests.

In the cast, we find Demi Moore, Bradley Whitford, Paul Walter Hauser, Craig Robinson, Peter Stormare or Alexandra Daddario in the supporting roles. KJ Apa, the star of Riverdale, interprets Nico, a courier immune to the virus. Sofia Carson, discovered by the director in the Netflix film Feel the beat, plays the character of Sara, confined to her home but suspected of being contaminated. “There isn’t a single second where Sarah feels like the damsel in distress, says the 27-year-old actress. She represents this young generation of fearless men and women who cling to hope and who are the true leaders, who will lead us into the future.

However, the project shocks part of the public, especially in the United States where nearly 230,000 people have already died of covid. “Even though it’s a pandemic thriller, suspenseful and terrifying film, the heart of the story is hope., defends Sofia Carson. We find it in the character of Sara and the love between Sara and Nico.Songbird still has no release date.


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