With Moonfall, Roland Emmerich signs a nanar that smells rancid

CRITICAL – After Independance Day and 2012, Roland Emmerich tries to find success again with a new disaster and disaster film.

A specialist in apocalyptic blockbusters for several decades, German-born filmmaker Roland Emmerich has accustomed his audience to generous, larger-than-life disaster films.

Between Independance Day, The day afterWhere 2012, the one who settled in Hollywood for thirty years orchestra without too much finesse big shows to visualize what could be the end of the world. With moonfall, he gives himself once again to his heart’s content. The “abracadabrantesque” plot of this uninhibited blockbuster depicts the lunar star which mysteriously leaves its orbit, threatening humanity with extinction.

Fortunately, a trio of astronauts made up of Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, and John Bradley (II) will take care of saving the world, using a good old space shuttle in manual mode…

Like all blockbuster films signed by the director of Stargate, moonfall perfectly respects the specifications of the apocalyptic science fiction blockbuster. We meet supertankers flying above the heads of heroes, discredited parents who are offered a second chance, space shuttles galore, impressive tsunamis, spectacular explosions, lunar meteorites crashing on earth by the hundreds of thousands, car chases on dislocated roads… Not to mention the moon which “rubs” against the surface of the earth! Probably the only time moonfall will sparkle!

John Bradley (II), Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry in moonfall by Roland Emmerich. © Metropolitan FilmExport

The only advantage of such a film: it does not give the viewer a minute’s respite. As if Emmerich offered him the possibility of leaving his brain at the entrance of the room, to enjoy only the incessant tempo of this roller coaster full of digital effects.

Patrick Wilson facing the spire of the famous Chrysler Building… Like a false air of the end of the world, way The Planet of the Apes. © Metropolitan FilmExport

After crossing the desert and some minor films (White house down, Midway, Anonymous… ), Roland Emmerich is trying to come back to the fore. However, we feel that his time has passed. This new feature film is mainly based on a lazy mix between 2012 and Independance Day (with a twist of Space Cowboys and a pinch ofArmageddon).

A meaningless shell

With a subject such as the moon, one could have hoped for a few references to Jules Verne, Georges Méliès, or even Tintin. None of that, unfortunately. At the arrival, moonfall resembles a kind of large hollow barnum, like a meaningless cinematographic shell, which looks more like a puppet show with big special effects than a film worthy of the name. The children may have fun following the twists and turns of this band of astronauts; the parents, meanwhile, will look at their watch before being set free by the end of the world.


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