With Madame Bovary, France 2 intends to rewrite the history of the fight for the status of women

INFO LE FIGARO – The telefilm, the shooting of which begins tomorrow, will link the lawsuit brought against Gustave Flaubert for “contempt of morality” to the fate of his heroine, victim of a society where the place of women was marginalized.

After Germinal and Around the world in 80 days, two flagship adaptations expected at the end of the year, France 2 continues to reopen the classics of French literature with relish. The public channel carries an original reading of Gustave Flaubert’s classic, Emma Bovary. The telefilm, whose shooting starts Thursday in the Paris region and in Hauts-de-France, takes as its starting point the lawsuit filed in 1857 against the writer for insulting public and religious morals. Her novel, which depicted the despair and boredom of a romantic heroine unhappy in her marriage, trapped in social conventions and yielding to adultery, was not to everyone’s taste.

“The pleading begins then the novel comes to life. Emma’s story unfolds before our eyes. The trial brings us back to reality by interstice and animates the debate on the condition of women at that time. What sentence for Flaubert? What sentence for them, for all the Emma? ”, promise it

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