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Will Trump call Joe Biden? Learn what the White House said

US President Joe Biden has no plans to call former President Donald Trump. White House press secretary Jane Saki told a press conference Thursday, “There is no plan to call.” It was said that Trump had left a “very generous” letter for him in the “Oval Office” before leaving the White House. Saki was questioned in this context.

Trump did not attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony

Let us know that Trump did not attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, as the outgoing president usually does not. Saki said, “He wanted to say that he did not want to make the private letter public without the former president’s consent.” But I would not say that he would take his approval by calling, he was just trying to express his respect for that private letter. “There is a tradition that the outgoing president would send a letter to the new president at the ‘Resolutions Desk’ in the Oval Office. Leave.

Trump broke many traditions by the end of his term

Trump had broken many established traditions by the end of his term, so until Wednesday there was uncertainty as to whether he would follow the tradition of leaving a letter to his successor in the presidential office. Trump had not even formally congratulated Biden on his victory.

Joe Biden told Trump’s letter very generous

Significantly, President Joe Biden told reporters at the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday, “Trump has written a” very generous “letter. Since it is very private, I cannot talk about it until I can talk to them. But he is very generous. ”

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