Will TikTok enter the online music business, competing with Spotify and Apple Music?

The social media giant will enter the music streaming space, going head-to-head with Spotify and Apple Music.

In May, the parent company of TikTok is that ByteDance has filed a trademark application for “TikTok Music,” implying that the Chinese company may be preparing to compete with Spotify and Apple Music.

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If the application is approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, TikTok Music will be released for both mobile devices and tablets. Users can buy, play, share, download music, album songs, and share playlists on the app similar to today’s popular digital music platforms.

In November 2021, ByteDance filed a similar application in Australia, Insider reports. According to the latest update, on May 13, the Australian Patent and Trademark office will appoint an attorney to examine this application for six months.

TikTok Music will likely create an advantage over existing music streaming services, by allowing users to comment on music, songs and albums, a feature that does not exist on Apple Music or Spotify.

Some users have used TikTok to discover new music with weekly trends. Both the top playlists curated by Spotify and Apple Music feature songs that trended on TikTok for the first time.

Through trending songs, the app can help songs become global hits, or make old songs trend again.

In 2021 alone, about 430 songs surpassed 1 billion video views when used as TikTok audio, and more than 175 trending songs on TikTok subsequently entered the Billboard Hot 100, according to the report. by TikTok.

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