Will Samsung ‘revive’ smartphones with removable batteries?

Most likely, Samsung will develop removable battery phones for the mid-range and high-end segments.

On July 13, Samsung will introduce to users the ultra-durable Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro phone and Tab Active 4 Pro tablet. In some leaked information, it is likely that the Xcover 6 Pro phone model (SM-G736B) will not use a monolithic design.

Instead, this model will have the ability to open the back cover, which is a very popular design language in previous years. Currently, this type of design only exists on some low-cost Chinese phones.

In a recent listing by Google Play Console, the Galaxy Xcover 6 will use the Snapdragon 778G processor. If these facts are true, the Xcover 6 will be the most powerful smartphone with the ability to directly remove the battery.

Other notable hardware features revealed in the manual include two customizable hardware keys, 3.5mm port, power button with side fingerprint scanner security system, slot insert a microSD card.

In addition, Xcover 6 may support features such as Single Take shooting mode, super anti-shake video recording and Samsung Dex mode. This is clearly a must-have for those who love phones with removable batteries.

Phones with removable batteries were very popular in the past, until manufacturers offered water resistance to flagship models. For phones with a monolithic design, the battery will be attached to the device, thereby optimizing the area and increasing the battery capacity of the device.

Previously, the monolithic phone design only existed on high-end phone models, so far this design principle has been applied to most phone models from popular to high-end.

Thai Hoang


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