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Will Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan’s chair continue? Confidence today amid opposition boycott

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will prove his majority in Parliament today. Imran Khan’s government is facing trouble due to the defeat of the cabinet minister in the Senate elections. Here, on the eve of the discussion on the Imran government’s majority, the opposition coalition announced on Friday that they would boycott the confidence vote and claimed that their candidate’s victory in the Senate election was a “no-confidence motion” against the Prime Minister.

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman said that no member of the opposition will be involved in the National Assembly session to be held on Saturday in which Prime Minister Khan will seek a vote of confidence. The PDM chief has made this announcement after addressing the country on behalf of Imran Khan. PDM is an opposition coalition of ten parties.

Imran cabinet minister loses in Senate election

PDM candidate and former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday defeated the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate Abdul Hafiz Sheikh in the Senate elections in a close contest. This was a major setback for Khan, who campaigned privately for Finance Minister Abdul Hafiz Sheikh.

Rehman said that Gilani’s victory was “a no-confidence motion against Khan in his own right”. He claimed that President Arif Alvi had called a session on Saturday by issuing a notification and assuredly that Prime Minister Khan had “majority”. Have lost the faith of ” and hence they need to get the confidence vote. Prime Minister Imran Khan has called a meeting of his colleagues on Friday to prepare a strategy before getting a trust vote in the National Assembly.

Imran wants 171 MPs to support

Khan needs the support of 171 MPs in the National Assembly as there are 340 members out of a total of 342 members in the House and two seats are vacant. Khan’s PTI has 157 MPs while the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has 83 members and the Pakistan Peoples Party has 55 MPs. PTI leaders have said that they are confident that Khan will prove a majority.

Science Minister Fawad Chaudhary said that Khan would easily win the vote of confidence as PTI’s female candidate for the Senate, Fauzia Arshad, got 174 votes on Wednesday and won. At the same time, Sheikh got 164 votes and lost. He said, “Necessary support exists and Khan will win easily.”

Meanwhile, the Election Commission of Pakistan expressed disappointment on the allegations of Prime Minister Khan on Friday and said that the Senate elections were held according to the constitution and he never came under any pressure. After Prime Minister Khan’s statement in the name of the nation on Thursday, the Election Commission convened a meeting of its members in which this stern comment was made. The meeting was called by Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raza.

Imran accused of corruption

Khan alleged, “You (ECP) made fun of democracy … You did nothing to stop the purchase of votes and damaged the morality of the nation.” Corruption was allowed to happen and all this happened before your eyes and you knew that it would happen. I have been saying that the markets have opened and the auction is going on. And when the Supreme Court gave you a chance, what was the reason that bar code was not imposed on mere 1500 ballot papers? ”

Rejecting Khan’s allegations, the commission said that it “never came under any kind of pressure and if Allah wished it would not come even in the future”. The commission said in a statement, “We want to please someone Cannot ignore constitution and law.

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