Will Mobile World open more TopZone chains abroad?

The Gioi Di Dong has revealed the opening of a new chain TopZone, with many indications that it will be their second retail chain in the overseas market.

This morning, October 10, on Mobile World website and some other channels of this retailer, information about a new retail chain called TopZone has been revealed. This retailer did not disclose what TopZone will sell before the launch date on October 16.

Information about TopZone has not been announced before the official launch date. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Currently, the website has been established, but the website only displays a game for users to guess what TopZone will sell. There are currently 5 answers, including: Overseas chain stores, fashion stores, high-end technology stores, stores cooperating with Samsung or Oppo.

If we do the exclusion method, it will be possible to guess the function of the TopZone chain.

Firstly, it will be very unlikely that Mobile World will open a chain of stores that only sell high-end technology products. Nguyen Duc Tai, co-founder of Mobile World, once shared the philosophy of serving the majority of customers, so opening a chain that only sells high-end goods in the current context is very unlikely. Looking at the retail chains of mobile phones, electronics, department stores, and pharmacies of The Gioi Di Dong, it is easy to see that they target ordinary customers.

TopZone also cannot be a store chain that cooperates with Samsung or Oppo because of the above philosophy. Not to mention a slogan associated with TopZone “Where you want to stop” would be very difficult to be a store that only serves one brand. In parallel, the TopZone logo has 4 colors, which can hardly represent a specific brand. However, the inclusion of the names Samsung and Oppo shows that the upcoming series will have a significant presence of two leading brands in the Vietnamese smartphone market.

Previously, Mobile World used to open a store that only sold Apple products, but it closed.

The possibility of opening a fashion retail store is also unlikely, although this segment is quite potential. There are hardly any domestic retail brands that can compete with brands like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo… Therefore, Mobile World’s jump into this segment can also be thought of. In addition, TopZone’s colorful logo seems to be suitable for apparel retail.

However, in the context that the domestic economy has just reopened, and the fashion segment is almost the opposite of the businesses Mobile World is doing, it seems unreasonable to open a clothing chain now.

The biggest possibility TopZone will be Mobile World’s second technology retail chain in foreign markets for many reasons.

It can be seen that two phone chains and their electronics are currently occupying a large market share in Vietnam, so it is difficult to expand further. In addition, the smartphone market in Vietnam is also saturated. Therefore, Mobile World needs to look for other markets with more potential for exploitation.

In the business report of the last few months, The Gioi Di Dong started to include Bluetronics as a bright spot. In the first 8 months of 2021, this chain grew by nearly 300% over the same period. This achievement shows two things. First, the business model in foreign markets has found a recipe for success. Second, it alerted the company’s management to the potential of a newer market outside of Vietnam.

Speaking to ICTnews earlier this year, Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em – CEO of two chains The Gioi Di Dong and Dien May Xanh – confirmed that he would only open a maximum of 80 stores in the Cambodian market due to the small size of the market.

Cambodia will be the springboard, where the retailer will conduct international business trials before jumping into other markets in Southeast Asia.

At that time, the countries of Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand were mentioned by Mr. Hieu Em.

The plan to encroach on ASEAN has been stalled due to Covid-19, but the current time is probably just right for Mobile World to implement its next overseas plan.

There are many signs that TopZone is an overseas chain, but the domain name seems to be for the Vietnamese market.

Up to now, sources from Mobile World have not revealed anything more about TopZone.


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No. 1 in Cambodia, Mobile World is about to enter the ASEAN market

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