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Will Indian-origin Rishi Sunak become the Prime Minister of Britain? Know who else is in the race

UK Political Crisis: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party (Tory). However, he will remain in the post of Prime Minister till the new leader is elected. Johnson will remain in charge of 10 Downing Street until the process of electing a new Conservative Party leader is complete. The party’s convention is to be held in October.

After resigning, he said that I am very proud of my achievements, I will continue working till a new leader is elected. At the same time, now the question is, who can be the next Prime Minister of Britain after Boris Johnson? There are many names in the Prime Minister’s race, out of which we are telling you about some of the main names.

Rishi Sunak’s name at the forefront

Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is at the forefront of the race for the post of Prime Minister of UK. Rishi Sunak played an important role in Johnson’s election campaign. Most of the time he was also seen in press briefings. There have been many times when Rishi took part in TV debate instead of Boris. In 2015, he became an MP for the first time. He became a force to be reckoned with in his party by strongly supporting Brexit. He supported Boris Johnson’s policy of leaving Britain out of the European Union. Rishi Sunak’s grandparents were residents of Punjab. He is married to Akshata Murthy, daughter of Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy. He has two daughters. Despite his popularity, Sunak also faced criticism due to allegations of tax evasion against his wife Akshata.

These are the remaining contenders for the post of PM

The next name in this list is of Liz Truss. The full name of 46-year-old Liz Truss is Elizabeth Marie Truss. She is an MP for South West Northfolk. Liz is Foreign Commonwealth and Development Affairs Secretary. These days they are very popular. Truss has also been the International Trade Secretary for two years. Last year he was given the important task of negotiating with the European Union. Jeremy Hunt is the next name in the race for the post of Prime Minister. The 55-year-old foreign secretary was the second most popular leader in the 2019 elections. His public image has been impeccable. Party people are confident that Jeremy will run the government seriously without creating any controversy.

Nadeem Jahavi, who came as a refugee from Iraq, is also in the race

Nadeem Jahavi’s name is also among the contenders for PM. After Sunak’s resignation, Johnson appointed Nadeem Jahavi as the new finance minister. When Nadeem was young, his family came to Britain as a refugee from Iraq. In 2010, he became an MP for the first time. Nadeem Jahavi recently said that if I am elected Prime Minister of Britain then it will be my good fortune. Former Defense Minister Penny Mordent is also in the race to become Prime Minister. Penny was removed from government by Johnson for supporting Hunt in the last election. Penney was at the fore in favor of leaving the European Union. He is now the junior trade minister.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace is also a strong contender

The next name among the contenders for PM is Ben Wallace. Ben Wallace is the Defense Minister. He has served in the British Royal Army. He had come to the discussion about Britain’s stand in the Russo-Ukraine war. He has an important role in providing military aid to Ukraine. His political journey started in 1999. Reached Parliament in 2005. Ben was the Minister of Homeland Security in 2016. He was instrumental in the evacuation of British citizens from Afghanistan.

Sajid Javid can also become the next PM

The name of Sajid Javid is also among the contenders for the next Prime Minister of Britain. Health Secretary Sajid Javid had resigned from his post late on Tuesday night. Javid, a four-time Conservative Party MP from Bromsgrove, is an expatriate from a Pakistani family. In 2012, Javid was elected minister and held the Business, Culture and Home Office portfolios in the UK government. Sajid Javid is being considered as a strong contender for the post of Prime Minister of Britain.

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