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Will Donald Trump leave the presidential chair or not? Now new condition laid before Biden

The presidential election has been held in America. In this election, Joe Biden has been elected as the new President of America. On the other hand, Donald Trump does not seem ready to leave the White House easily. At the same time, Donald Trump has placed a condition to leave the White House.

Donald Trump is not ready to accept the defeat in the US presidential election. Now Trump has said that Democratic Party leader Joe Biden is ready to leave the White House if he wins electoral voting. On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Donald Trump said at the White House that it is very difficult to change power in the current situation.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Trump said, “The situation is not good on the US election results.” If Biden wins the electoral votes, it will be decided to leave the White House. If Biden is declared the winner, it will be a major mistake of the Electoral College. It will be very difficult to accept it.

Decision on electoral vote on 14 December

Let me tell you that Donald Trump has been consistently saying the results of the US election are wrong. Trump is not ready to give up. The electoral vote will be decided in the US Senate on 14 December. At the same time, according to the current situation, Joe Biden has 306 electoral votes, while Donald Trump has 232 electoral votes. Whereas 270 electoral votes are needed to win the election. Trump is constantly alleging fraud in the counting of votes.

The process of power transfer was approved

Let me tell you that only a few days ago, Donald Trump had given approval to start the process of transferring power to the US General Service of Administration. Donald Trump said that what should be done, do it. After this, America’s GSA i.e. General Service Administrator Emily Murphy has written a letter to Joe Biden and invited him to join the process of transfer of power. However, now Donald Trump is once again describing the change in power as difficult.

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