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Will Corona tragedy write a new chapter in Indo-Pak relations?

New Delhi: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his solidarity with the people of India who are suffering from Corona, and the example of humanity and brotherhood needs to be taken to a new level. If we see the lack of beds and oxygen in our hospitals and the heart of the dying people, the ruler of a neighboring country feels heartbroken, then it should be accepted that Kayanat has just given Corona a excuse, forgetting the bitterness of the two countries for a new friendship. Have a chance to write a speech. & Nbsp;

History of the world tells that if every tragedy brings destruction, then it goes back only after creating something new. May India and Pakistan come so close through this tragedy that they will lay the foundation of a future in South Asia that is more prosperous and stronger than before. However, Pakistan is also not untouched by this tragedy. It is a different matter that compared to us there is little impact at the moment, but it is also true that the pandemic does not require any passport-visa to show its strength in any country.

The solidarity that Imran Khan has shown towards Indians by tweeting on Saturday only means that even though he is weaker than us in every respect, he is ready to be the support of his elder brother in this hour of disaster. Is standing For this, we have to praise the people of Pakistan, who forced their PM to take this step that they should not only express solidarity towards India in this hour of crisis, but also come forward to help it. On Friday, hashtags such as #WeCantBreathe and #IndiaNeedsOxygen and & nbsp; #IndianLivesMatter in Pakistan were trending fiercely on Twitter.

More than 38,000 tweets have been made so far from the IndiaNeedsOxygen hashtag, while the number of tweets from the #WeCantBreathe hashtag has been over 74,000. Only after that Imran Khan tweeted on Saturday that, ‘I want to express my solidarity with the people of India, they are fighting the dangerous wave of Corona. We wish all the people suffering from the epidemic in our neighborhood and the world a speedy recovery. ‘ He further said that we should fight this global challenge together.

No matter how strong the diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan are, but the feelings of the people of both the countries are the same and in the time of trouble, they also beat each other with equal vigor. This was proved by the tragedy of Corona. After Imran Khan’s tweet, people there are continuously raising the voice on social media that "Just from all this will not work. At this time, India is in dire need of oxygen, so immediately provide them with oxygen." There are a plethora of tweets making such demands on social media, some of them are presented here- & nbsp;

Journalist Wajahat Kazmi tweets with the #Indianeedsoxygen hashtag that India’s condition is heartbreaking, everyone should be fine with Kovid, blessings for India. While a pakhtun social worker named Usman Khilji tweeted and appealed to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to help India and wrote that "I, along with thousands of Pakistani citizens, appeal to the government to help in the case of low oxygen in hospitals in India. & Nbsp;

It is a pleasure to see #IndiaNeedsOxygen and #IndianLivesMatter in Pakistan’s top trend. It shows that people’s hearts are in the right place.

At the same time, some people have also written giving advice to both the countries. Ammar Hashmi uses the Twitter handle #WeCantBreathe hashtag, stating that the circumstances would have been different if both countries had spent money on the military rather than on the health structure.

Usman Mahboob tweets that ‘We should help India by keeping political or historical differences apart, or else we will say that humanity is dead today.

Many people are advising Pakistan to make arrangements with itself, taking a lesson from the situation in India. Tuba Jamali tweets, "India’s health system is better than ours, even then it has collapsed. This strain of Kovid-19 is very deadly, Pakistan should put a lockdown immediately. We will not be able to bear any kind of oxygen deficiency or increasing patients in hospitals."

It is noteworthy that in Pakistan also the cases of corona are increasing. There 157 people died in the last 24 hours, while 5,908 new cases of infection were registered. The Health Ministry said on Saturday that this figure of one day of death from infection is the highest since last year.


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